Justice Department Trying To Shield Officials in Gun Scandal

The Captains Journal

The Justice Department is trying to protect its political appointees from the Fast and Furious scandal by concealing an internal “smoking gun” report and other documents that acknowledge the role top officials played in the program that allowed firearms to flow illegally into Mexico, according to the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Kenneth E. Melson, the ATF’s acting director, also told congressional investigators this month that the affidavits prepared to obtain wiretaps used in the ill-fated operation were inconsistent with Justice Department officials’ public statements about the program. Justice Department officials advised him not to raise his concerns with Congress about “institutional problems” with the Fast and Furious operation, Melson said.

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genius Obama can’t veto balanced budget amendment

Flopping Aces

Earlier today Obama threatened he would veto the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill if it reaches his desk. Levin says the only problem with this is that, while he can veto the Cut and Cap part, if the Balanced Budget Amendment passes both the House and the Senate it goes to the states, not Obama. He’s got nothing to do with it.

One would expect a brilliant, ivy league Constitutional Law Professor to know these things:


Jane Fonda: ‘I Have Never Done Anything to Hurt My Country’

(CNSNews.com) – Actress Jane Fonda said in a statement posted on her website today that the QVC television channel cancelled an appearance they had scheduled with her today to promote her new book “Prime Time,” blaming the cancellation on what she called “well funded and organized political extremist groups.”

In the same statement Fonda said, “I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.”

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Charlotte Highway Road Sign Hacked to Read, “Impeach Obama”

Floyd Reports

The North Carolina Department of Transportation called for Barack Obama’s impeachment — at least for one day.

Over the weekend, someone hacked into an electronic highway sign and changed its message to a huge, blinking, “Impeach Obama.”

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Security “Gaps” Allow Terrorists To Enter U.S. With Visas

Judicial Watch

It may seem inconceivable but nearly a decade after the worst terrorist attack inU.S.history the government has yet to develop or implement an adequate security program to keep foreign extremists from carrying out a sequel.

Two recent reports illustrate this astounding failure by the government to protect the nation from a catastrophe similar to September 11, 2001. Several of the Middle Eastern terrorists who carried out that horrific foray entered theU.S.legally and remained in the country with expired visas while they planned their sophisticated plots.

With that in mind, Congress allocated huge chunks of money to develop a reliable security system that would prevent a repeat. Incredibly, as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, critical gaps in the program allow terrorists to continue entering theU.S.It’s as if no lesson has been learned from the tragedies that violently ended the lives of thousands of innocent Americans.

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