Security “Gaps” Allow Terrorists To Enter U.S. With Visas

Judicial Watch

It may seem inconceivable but nearly a decade after the worst terrorist attack inU.S.history the government has yet to develop or implement an adequate security program to keep foreign extremists from carrying out a sequel.

Two recent reports illustrate this astounding failure by the government to protect the nation from a catastrophe similar to September 11, 2001. Several of the Middle Eastern terrorists who carried out that horrific foray entered theU.S.legally and remained in the country with expired visas while they planned their sophisticated plots.

With that in mind, Congress allocated huge chunks of money to develop a reliable security system that would prevent a repeat. Incredibly, as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, critical gaps in the program allow terrorists to continue entering theU.S.It’s as if no lesson has been learned from the tragedies that violently ended the lives of thousands of innocent Americans.

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