Eric Holder’s Justice Department Declines To File Charges Against Attorney With Child Porn


Here’s yet another scandal for our embattled Attorney General (although not as shockingly stupid as the Fast and Furious debacle). This less-deadly yet still dangerously-incompetent mess brought to you by child pornography, dangerous addictions, and The Daily Caller:

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder Thursday requesting an explanation as to why the Justice Department declined to file charges against a federal prosecutor with child pornography found on his work computer.

The finding against the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) was made by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

According to the Inspector General’s report, the AUSA admitted to spending a significant amount of time each day viewing porn at work.

There’s just no way to even make light of this.

Not charged with a crime for possession of child pornography. Not fired for viewing porn on government computers. Fired, yeah, but after two months of maybe using government computers with taxpayer-funded internet to download stuff to feed his pornography addiction.

Can you imagine if this guy was a Republican? Or had a Republican president?


Terrorist Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case

 Family Security Matters
Crime reporter and blogger Tina Trent says that President Obama’s intervention on behalf of an illegal alien killer can be traced back to a 2003 conference that featured Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, and representatives of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute. “The purpose of the conference was to find ways to insinuate international (read: United Nations) laws and resolutions in American legal arenas, as Sandra Babcock is attempting to do to free her client, Humberto Leal,” Trent reports on her blog.