The FBI, Hillary’s computers, and the Russians

American Thinker

By Dan Perkins

Part One, “The Premise”: The Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

Doesn’t anyone find it strange that the FBI indicted 12 Russians for hacking computers that the DNC and Hillary refused to let agents see?  James Comey, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, “The bureau requested, but was denied direct access to the Democratic National Committee’s email servers and other hacked devices as part of its probe of Russian hacking.”

Part Two, “The MysteryIf the FBI couldn’t get access to the computers, then how did agents decide that the Russians were responsible for the hacking?

Hillary Clinton, either directly or indirectly, ordered her computers to be wiped clean and all her phones to be broken up.  Clinton’s I.T. team used the open source cleaning software BleachBit to wipe the computer systems “so even God couldn’t read them,” according to South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy.

Part Three, “The Charge”: Somebody is lying to the American people.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that CNN confirmed that the Hillary campaign staff destroyed campaign cell phones with hammers.  The Washington Examiner said a contractor for Clinton deleted subpoenaed emails and refused to answer the critical question from the FBI on what he did and why.

Part Four, “The Ultimate Question”

Now the mystery takes us to the ultimate question: if the FBI never had access to the DNC or Hillary campaign computers or cell phones, how could the FBI identify the 12 Russians indicted just before the summit?

One would think that to indict people for hacking a computer, the FBI would have to prove it by working with the computers to find evidence of hacking and who did it.  If there is no proof, then just saying so doesn’t make it true.  The American people would like to see the facts.

Part Five, “The Twist”: The cops support the bad guys.

The Daily Caller reported that the FBI agreed to destroy Cheryl Mills’s laptop as part of an immunity deal.  However, the FBI agents charged with the destruction refused.  There is no indication that the FBI or the Mueller investigation has done anything with the computer.  What a fantastic twist that the supposed good guys can’t or won’t see what is going on in front of them.  There are 33,000 emails destroyed while under subpoena, yet nothing happens.

The vast computer system of the DNC is erased, and the FBI is told it can’t come in and see the data when it inquires about finding out what happened.  What did the good guys say?  Did they protest and demand to look at the computers?  No.  They just went on their way and ignored what had happened.

Here is the most significant twist of all.  We will never know anything about the data that were hacked, because everything was destroyed.  Nobody from the DNC, the Hillary campaign, or the Obama White House has said the information was false.

Part Six, “The Conclusion”

To date, there has been no evidence presented that the Russians hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign computers and then sent the data to anyone.  There is no evidence that the Russians or any other government changed any vote during the voting process.

Many questions have yet to be asked about what role the Justice Department and the FBI played in this cover-up of wrongdoing.

The outcome of the midterm elections may change the direction of this investigation.  If the Republicans not only keep the House, but also expand their control in the Senate, I see a change coming in the Justice Department.  Look for Attorney General Sessions to resign and a new person taking over Justice and turning the investigation on its head.

Obama’s Payout To Terror Financiers


Frontpage mag

Joseph Klein

Islamic terrorists, whether affiliated with al Qaeda or the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, are enemies of the United States. They have American blood on their hands. The Obama administration aided and abetted these enemies by knowingly funding the terrorists and allowing them to evade the enforcement of U.S. law against them. As Andrew McCarthy once wrote, Obama was an “anti-anti-terrorist.”

For example, as the National Review has just reported, based on a discovery by the Middle East Forum, the Obama administration decided that an al Qaeda affiliate in Sudan was a worthy recipient of U.S. taxpayer funds to the tune of $200,000. The beneficiary of the Obama administration’s largesse, the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), also known as the Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA), had been designated by the U.S. Treasury as a terrorist-financing organization a decade earlier. The Treasury Department’s designation was based on ISRA’s links to Osama bin Laden and his terrorist organization, financial support for the Taliban, and fundraising in Western Europe to help finance Hamas suicide bombings.

Not only did the Obama administration disregard the U.S. Treasury Department designation. It overlooked the fact that, as set out in a July 28, 2010 press release issued by USAID (the U.S. Agency for International Development), the executive director of the Islamic American Relief Agency, the U.S. branch office of ISRA, pleaded guilty to illegally transferring funds raised in the United States as purported charitable contributions to Iraq. He had “the assistance of a Sudanese man living in Jordan, who was subsequently identified by the U.S. Treasury Department as a specially designated global terrorist.” Nevertheless, four years laterUSAID itself awarded a grant of $723,405 to a charity known as World Vision Inc. for the purported purpose of providing humanitarian relief in Sudan, out of which $200,000 was provided to ISRA as a sub-grantee. The money was directed “to help provide humanitarian aid, including emergency food, water, sanitation, and hygiene services, to displaced people affected by the ongoing conflict in Sudan,” according to a USAID official.

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U.S. House of Representatives has filed Articles of Impeachment against Rod Rosenstein

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 25, 2018

Rod Rosenstein was put in place by Barrack Obama.

He was the only person hired by Obama that lasted a full eight years. (Source)

Fox News

By Jonathan Raymond

(RNN) – Articles of impeachment have been filed against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The resolution was filed by Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, according to a release by Jordan’s office. (Source)

GOP lawmakers have threatened impeachment against the deputy attorney general on numerous occasions over the past few months. 

They have expressed anger with what they say is Rosenstein’s lack of cooperation in providing documents related to the Russia investigation to Congress.

“The DOJ is keeping information from Congress. Enough is enough,” Jordan said in the release. “It’s time to hold Mr. Rosenstein accountable for blocking Congress’s constitutional oversight role.”


At a Congressional hearing last month…

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Confirmed: the FISA warrants were obtained fraudulently


Many have long suspected that the FISA warrants on Carter Page and the Trump campaign were phony, but now the proof has begun to emerge. Via @Paul Sperry:

It was not.

  • The declassified FBI warrant application attests to secret FISA court that “THE FBI LEARNED that Page met with at least two Russian officials during the trip,”as if FBI learned this independently,when in fact it’s clear it relied on Clinton-paid dossier for the information
  • Target of FBI’s FISA warrant broader than Page; also names Papadopoulos & Trump campaign: “FBI believes Russian Government’s efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election were being coordinated w Page & perhaps other individuals associated w [Trump’s] campaign”

Both, IMO, were set up.

Here’s the license to target anyone they wanted:

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Former U.S. Officials Sell Out And Now Lobby For Communist China


It would seem that it does not take much for one-time U.S. officials to sell out to the highest bidder… this time, it is the Chinese. These individuals are now lobbyists for the communist Chinese — a stone cold enemy of the United States and a threat to our existence. Where does business end and treason begin here? Evidently loyalty ends where their bank accounts begin. As China becomes increasingly wealthy, they have retained D.C. insiders to lobby their interests and do their bidding. Just as China has infiltrated our colleges and businesses, they have insinuated themselves into our halls of power. The best example of that is Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao. She has a powerful family in China and they both have economic interests there, which in my viewpoint, compromises them. But they certainly aren’t alone.

I came across a great article at The Daily Beast by Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian on the subject yesterday. I don’t go there often as a lot of what they put out is very leftist, but this caught my attention: “Meet the U.S. Officials Now in China’s Sphere of Influence.” It covers how the Chinese government and companies are retaining public relations and lobbying firms in D.C. Many times, they are hiring former U.S. officials to work directly for them.

For a company to do business in China, a Chinese government official must sit on the board. If you play by Chinese rules, it opens a multitude of doors for a company there. If you don’t, you are shut out and can’t do business in China, period. This power holds sway over many companies that want to do business in China. This has raised concerns that current U.S. government officials may be considering their future prospects in China even before leaving office. Such people are many times easily compromised by their financial interests. This is not new and in many corners of The Beltway, it is considered ‘normal’. But it’s not and it is alarming. It opens the door to communists buying influence in the American political sphere.

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Dept. of Justice finally instructs US Attorneys to use term ‘illegal alien’ instead of ‘undocumented’

American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

Calling things by their proper names is fundamental to being able to correctly deal with them. Euphemisms allow unpleasant realities to be avoided. The law and the administration of justice require accurate terminology. China’s history is replete with cycles of dynastic decline, and the recipe for reform was always, in the end, what Confucius called ”the rectification of names.”

Confucianism believes in social harmony that is achieved through stable relationships. To achieve stable relationships rectification of names is essential. Rectification of names simply refers to designating names appropriately and matching these names to responsibilities or actions such that a particular name has a set of responsibilities attached to ensure there is no confusion between the names or the responsibilities allocated to each. This generally provides the appropriate channels and form of interaction between different relationships towards the aim of fostering social order.

Illustration of Confucius from and edition The Analects, via Flickr

Although Jeff Sessions probably does not think of himself as a Confucian scholar, he clearly understands this bit of wisdom from the Great Sage, as CNN reports:

The Justice Department has instructed US attorneys offices not to use the term “undocumented” immigrants and instead refer to someone illegally in the US as “an illegal alien,” according to a copy of an agency-wide email obtained by CNN.

According to the email, the Justice Department uses terms in the US Code to describe an individual who is illegally in the US, and thus refers to them as “an illegal alien.”

“The word ‘undocumented’ is not based in US code and should not be used to describe someone’s illegal presence in the country,” the email states.

An immigrant who is in the US legally or whose status is unknown is to be described by their country of citizenship, it adds.

Somehow, I expect that instead of celebrating diversity in following the ancient wisdom of Confucius (not a dead white male), we will see the progressive media explode with rage.