Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas

Pajamas Media

Phil Jordan, a former CIA operative and one-time leader of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s El Paso Intelligence Center, claims that the Obama administration is running guns to the violent Zetas cartel through the direct commercial sale of military grade weapons:

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Israel-Iran War in September?


Zerohedge is reporting on some very
interesting positioning of U.S. naval ships:

As the most recently updated naval map from Stratfor demonstrates,
the CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush has just entered the Persian Gulf, the first time a US
aircraft carrier has passed through the Straits of Hormuz in months. What is
also notable is that the LHD 5 Bataan amphibious warfare ship has just weighed
anchor right next to Libya: this is odd since the coast of Tripoli had been left
unattended for many weeks by US attack ships. And topping it all off is that a
third aircraft carrier, the CVN 73, is sailing west from the South China seas,
potentially with a target next to CVN 76 Ronald Reagan which is the second
carrier in the Straits of Hormuz area. Three carriers in proximity to Iran would
be extremely troubling.

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World Guides website claims Obama born in Kisumu, Kenya

According to World Guides Website, Obama was born in Kenya. Since this story was first posted late last night, their website has been changed. However, if you try this link you might get lucky, at least until they catch on and pull it.