Congress Refuses to Investigate Obama’s Illegal Presidency

Sentiment Among Congressional and Judicial Leadership Insults Black Americans
While They Ignore a Greater “Silent” Threat From Vintage American

by Dan Crosby
of The Daily Pen

Now that Congress has made the choice to aid and abet Barack Obama
in his theft and corruption of the U.S. Presidency, the legislative branch of
American government, like the Judicial Branch before it, has become the
proverbial, pathetic hustler trying to deny and suppress the truth about Obama’s

What is congress afraid of? The loss of American sovereignty? No. They could care less about the blood ransom paid to even have a constitution or the sacrifices made for 300 years to call ourselves an independent, sovereign nation. Maybe Congress is afraid of the legislative failure of our Constitutional protections? Nope. They think rights are given by government, not God.

Maybe they wish to avoid hurting Obama’s little feelings at the
expense of our Constitutional?

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OKC Bombing Tapes Go Missing

Big Government

In a response filed yesterday to a federal judge’s order May 11, an FBI official offered no denials about the existence of video images captured by more than 20  surveillance cameras operating prior to 9:02  a.m. on April 19, 1995, in the  vicinity of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal  Building in downtown Oklahoma City.  Instead, he explained that officials at the bureau merely cannot find the tapes and raised the possibility that they “might  have been misfiled and thus could be located somewhere other than in the  OKBOMB file (though it would be impossible to know where).”

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Holder Called to Resign Traitors, Spies, Terrorists Exposed

Right Side News

Kincaid Conference: Traitors, Spies and Terrorists Exposed; Eric Holder Resign NOW!

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival sponsored another incredible forum, June  28, 2011, at the National Press Club. The forum discussed communists, terrorists and Cuban agents of influence working within our borders, and demanded the removal of Attorney General Eric Holder. Kincaid’s panel fell short of calling Holder an outright traitor, but conference attendees would have a difficult time concluding otherwise, given the wealth of detail presented on Holder’s assistance to convicted terrorists both within our jails and in other countries beyond the reach of U.S. law enforcement.

As usual, information provided by the conferees and documents made available are encyclopedic. Topics included:

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Hello Roman Senate, Goodbye American Congress

New Zeal

It would seem that President Obama is getting ready to sign an Executive Order to raise the debt ceiling. Once again proving that the Congress is for all intensive purposes, useless and merely political window dressing. Hello Roman Senate, goodbye American Congress…

August 2nd is the deadline to raise the debt ceiling or default. But the actual do or die date is July 22nd, because after that there would not be time to implement the debt ceiling raise. Red tape gets us all in the end it would seem.

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Speculation swirls that Obama will dump Biden from the ticket in 2012

Could President Obama dump Joe Biden from the Democratic ticket in 2012?

New York Post columnist Fred Dicker says yes, quoting prominent Democrat and Republicans speculating that the president would replace Biden with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Daniel Hannan)

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate,” Republican William Powers told Dicker. “The president is in trouble and Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket.”

The report also said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has speculated that Biden would replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Cuomo is said to be eyeing his own run for president in 2016. But Biden may not be thrilled about the prospect of Obama elevating Cuomo, especially since the V.P. reportedly floated the idea with Democratic donors of running for president himself in 2016 too.

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During Break in Peace Talks With Obama – Taliban Kidnap and Execute British Soldier

Gateway Pundit

Obama never had a victory plan for Afghanistan.
Last month his administration announced that they were holding talks with the Taliban.

Yesterday, the Taliban in Afghanistan took credit for the capture and execution of a British soldier.

The Taliban bragged about executing the young British soldier.

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