Administration Edict Of The Day


It’s more than clear at this point that President Obama considers himself above the United States Constitution and any policies and/or laws passed by our lawmakers.

A Judicial Watch investigation has found that the Obama Administration recently violated the ban on federal funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) by giving the famously corrupt group tens of thousands of dollars in grants to “combat housing and lending discrimination.”

This week a JW probe uncovered that Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently awarded a $79,819 grant to an ACORN reincarnation called Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA).

And who’s going to do anything about it or hold the administration accountable? The Congress or the media? Don’t hold your breath.


Historical fact: Independence Day is a celebration of freedom from government tyranny

Happy July 4th, my fellow Americans. It’s the Independence Day weekend!
Independence from what, you might ask? As even the somewhat revisionist history
taught in public schools readily admits, July 4th is a celebration of
independence from government tyranny under British rule.

And what
kind of government tyranny, specifically? Well, the kind that involves
warrantless searches of peoples’ homes, where government agents could just waltz
right into your private home for no reason and conduct a search without even
getting a court-issued warrant. That was a form of government terrorism
waged against the people, and when the USA declared its independence from
British rule, it adopted a new rule at home that specifically forbade such
tyrannical government actions.

Aerial Bombing, No Longer an Act of War

Welcome to a whole string of kinetic military actions employed through the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine of the Obama Administration. You know, where aerial bombing of a country is no longer considered an act of war. It’s humanitarian don’tcha know…

And Congress is now totally useless in fact and deed. The official deadline for the War Powers Resolution came and went with minor protests and a President flipping them off telling the US that this really isn’t a war, no matter what it looks like. And watch the Progressives line up to defend the Dictator-In-Chief and his Constitutional violations. Of course most of the media tags along with implicit support for whatever Obama the Marxist approves, much like the military and press did in Nazi Germany.

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