Mr. President, Karl Marx is Dead.


If you were President of the United States and determined to change our system of government from one that promotes and protects our cherished free enterprise system to one of a Marxist-based coercive regime you would recognize the need to do so without seeming to do so.

That’s what is happening now under Barack Obama, who is fully cognizant of the fact that any overt tinkering with our liberties would be met with the stiffest opposition from the American people who have an instinctive distrust of anything that smacks of big brotherism – the very essence of Marxist socialism.

To achieve his goal of transforming our system of government he would need to do so without alarming the public that they are about to become subjects of an all powerful Washington dedicated to the principles laid down by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Americans need to be convinced that in enduring recurrent recessions they are victims of such villains as something known collectively as Wall Street, or the hated rich who are determined to keep them subjugated and under their greedy thumbs.

Once so convinced they will supinely accept measures that while appearing innocent of hidden motives are shrewdly designed to reduce the American people to the status of Marxist serfdom. If the citizenry can be lulled to sleep while their freedom is being stolen, they will awaken to find themselves shorn of much of their liberty.

Once you accept the reality that this is the case with our current economic maladies you can begin to understand what is afoot. Rather than striving to deal with an economy in trouble, Barack Obama appears to be deliberately attempting to make it worse. By crashing the economy without seeming to do so, he can step in when it hits absolute bottom and apply his solution – a Marxist United States of America. This is how despots are enabled to impose despotism on a formerly free people.

Thus we are witnessing an avalanche of government spending authorized by a Congress firmly controlled by Obama’s acolytes and designed to cripple the economy under the massive weight of debt that cannot be repaid in this generation or those to come after it.

Once the economy hits absolute bottom the sky is the limit for the apostles of Karl Marx. A frightened citizenry can be expected to accept any measures that appear to be designed to rescue them from total penury. They will unwittingly swap their economic freedoms for an idiot’s fantasy that will assure them security from want.

From the very beginning the people of this nation have been guided and protected by Divine providence and I see no reason why our Creator would suddenly wash His hands of us and allow us to suffer from the folly of our ways. As an eternally patient and understanding Father, He allows us to stray only so far from his loving arms and when we reach what in his Divine wisdom he knows will bring on our total destruction he reins us in.

It is obvious that Barack Obama recognizes only his authority with none above it. He believes there are no limits to his reach and, boy, is he ever in for the surprise of his life. Like all would-be tyrants there is a day of reckoning awaiting him, and it could come as soon as next January when hopefully the Congress will be freed of the deadly grip of a coterie of pseudo socialists and the Nation put back on the path of fiscal sanity.

That newly sane Congress will be faced with dealing with Barack Obama for another two years, but if they understand that saying No is their solemn obligation and not merely a symbol of witless opposition, the nation will endure without suffering under the curse of Marxism which has destroyed many governments around the world.

One hopeful sign is a sudden resurgence of the sovereignty of the several states. Thanks to Obama’s attempts to reduce the authority of the state governments and subject it to that of an all-powerful federal government, as in the case of embattled Arizona striving to rescue itself from an invasion from south of their border, the several states are awakening to the peril of total subjugation of their rights by the Federal government under Barack Obama and resisting it.

The president needs to understand that it is not God who is dead, but Karl Marx, and he needs to rebury his rotting corpse and rescue the nation from its stench before it overcomes us.


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