This is an interesting story, put together from various articles and TV shows, by the British Times paper.OBAMA truth REVEALED

It shows what Obama and his friends are really all about. It’s not hope and change, it is money.

I warn you, the first part is a little boring, but stick with it.

The second part connects all the dots for you (it will open your eyes).

The end explains how Obama and all his cronies will end up as multi-billionaires.

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Hawaiian birth? Still ineligible

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U.S. President Barack Obama returns to the Oval Office after discussing his legislative agenda after meeting with bi-partisan Members of Congress in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington on July 27, 2010. UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg Photo via Newscom

President Obama may not fit the constitutional eligibility requirement that stipulates only “natural born” citizens can serve as U.S. president, conclude the authors of a recently released book.

An investigation by the authors found that according to correspondence from the original framers of the Constitution as well as multiple Supreme Court rulings and the legal writings that helped establish the principles of the Constitution, Obama is not eligible to serve as president since his father was not a U.S. citizen.

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Obama The Muslim

Human Events

My mother believed in “common sense” testing. She said if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and acts like a duck; it’s a duck. She believed that actions speak louder than words and that only a liar said one thing and then did the opposite.

Would President Obama pass my mother’s “is he a Muslim” test? Let’s see. President Obama says there is nothing more beautiful than the Muslim call to prayer in the evening. He says that the United States was not founded as a Christian nation.

Obama’s father and step-father were Muslims and he spent his childhood living in a Muslim country where his school enrollment records say his religion is Islam. As President of the United States he genuflects to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia but not the Christian Queen of England. He thumbs his nose at America’s friends and bows to its enemies. In short, Obama quacks like a Muslim, waddles like a Muslim and acts like a Muslim, so is he a Muslim? My mother would say, “Yes! He’s a Muslim through and through.”

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Obama’s Grave Dereliction of Duty as an Impeachable Act


Many Americans believe a president must commit a serious illegality, ie “High Crime” to qualify for impeachment. Not true. In fact, dereliction of duty is also a qualifying reason. In fact, no greater argument exists for impeachment than utter failure to use common sense by a leader. For what could be more dangerous than an absolute inability to decide wisely? This article considers “Grave Dereliction of Duty” as a fundamental problem demanding impeachment and removal.

Can chronic poor decision-making really justify removal of democratically elected leaders? Why not? After all, what is a presidency made from—except decisions? Further, all must admit at a certain point, truly horrific decision-making must cause a leader to be ejected for the good of the whole state. There is no reason to view a disastrous presidency as a fatalistic necessity forced upon a democracy, despite legal recourse of removal.

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14 Weeks

This is a powerful Video put of by the RGA. I invite everyone who believes in America, The Constitution, Liberty, Freedom and who are proud of their country and tired of the lies from the traitors in Washington to view this Video. You won’t be sorry, unless you are a Liberal.

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