Mr. President, Karl Marx is Dead.


If you were President of the United States and determined to change our system of government from one that promotes and protects our cherished free enterprise system to one of a Marxist-based coercive regime you would recognize the need to do so without seeming to do so.

That’s what is happening now under Barack Obama, who is fully cognizant of the fact that any overt tinkering with our liberties would be met with the stiffest opposition from the American people who have an instinctive distrust of anything that smacks of big brotherism – the very essence of Marxist socialism.

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Why Was Senate Candidate Forced to Prove His Citizenship?

Family Security Matters
Adding to the long-running Obama eligibility dispute, Army veteran and naturalized American Hector Maldonado, recently pointed out in a Branson, MO radio interview that the State of Missouri demanded he prove his citizenship status in order to be permitted to run for Senate from the “Show Me” state. Maldonado was asked by the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State to prove his citizenship status and was threatened via certified letter with being removed from the ballot if he did not comply by a deadline of May 12. On the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, the qualifications to run for U.S. Senate are cited: