Justice Department Okays Voter Intimidation

Right Side News

This will be short. You make up your own mind.

On November 4th, 2008, members of the New Black Panthers stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia, Pa., clad in army fatigues, beret hats and billy clubs, menacing voters as they came and went, and in some cases, shouting at people, telling them words to the effect, “now you’ll see what it’s like to be ruled by a black.”

The actions were a clear violation of federal election laws. Three men were duly charged by the Justice Department. The trials never happened.

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Afghan Military Deserters in the U.S.

Northeast Intelligence Network

30 June 2010: Earlier this month, it was revealed that 17 Afghan soldiers under training at the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base  deserted over the past few years and are missing in the U.S.  A nationwide

alert was issued by NCIS in Dallas, Texas on 9 June 2010, providing the names and photographs of each of the foreign nationals who had “gone missing.”  Since the issuance of that bulletin and despite the reports that seven of the missing men have been found, the names and photographs of all 17 continue to be  distributed in law enforcement venues.

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