U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs

After the U.S. Government took action against several sites connected to movie streaming recently, nerves are jangling over the possibility that this is just the beginning of a wider crackdown. Now it appears that a free blogging platform has been taken down by its hosting provider on orders from the U.S. authorities on grounds of “a history of abuse”. More than 73,000 blogs are out of action as a result.

Hot on the heels of recent threats from Vice President Joe Biden and Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel directed at sites offering unauthorized movies and music, last month U.S. authorities targeted several sites they claimed were connected to the streaming of infringing video material.

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Fox and the Saudi bagman

It’s official now – Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has announced plans to launch a 24-hour Arabic-language TV news channel in partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox.

This deepens the relationship between the Saudi prince and the Fox News Channel that so many Americans rely on as the “fair and balanced” alternative to ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. He was already a major, one might even say pivotal, stockholder in Fox’s parent company, News Corp.

It is a relationship that compromises the integrity of Fox News now and into the future.

Alwaleed is not just any Saudi prince. He’s, frankly, a notorious one.

He’s the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah. You might remember Alwaleed for his moment of infamy in the landscape of American political culture: In October 2001, right after the World Trade Center destruction at the hands of primarily Saudi terrorists, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani famously turned down his offer of a $10 million donation for disaster relief after Alwaleed suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East were actually to blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Obama Must be Impeached: He’s Either Incompetent, or Purposely Failing


Is there a single American who secretly thinks Obama’s up to the task of the presidency? Or, does anyone believe Barack does not take bad situations and worsen them to magnify his power? These are rhetorical questions, of course. The only way Barack is an acceptable president is if you’re an opponent of America’s greatest achievements.

Therefore, if you support Obama it means you want to revolutionize the US. But no democratic country knowingly elects leaders to debase their country, give away power, bankrupt the treasury, incorporate socialism, dissolve constitutional rights, cripple capitalism, and menace every citizen with reckless policies. That would be ridiculous and anti-American. Barack has done all these things. Therefore, he must be impeached.

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