The Truth Behind Barack Obama’s Benghazi Body Of Lies

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Barack Hussein Obama was at the helm on September 11, 2012 when four  Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya.  However, though they were  murdered, he already had a cover story all lined up!  Sounds like a story of  fiction rather than fact, but what is about to be shown in the following article  has taken months to uncover and verify from several sources, people we cannot  and would not be able to call by name.  While the Benghazi scandal is very  complicated, we finally found the articles by Mr. Douglas Hagmann and had to  wait for some verification of these before we wrote about them.  Mr. Hagmann did  a “Comprehensive Investigative Report” and wrote about it under the title of Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack.  We requested permission to show  some of what Mr. Hagmann wrote to allow skeptics to see for themselves what is  known beyond the White House and maybe it is because those in the White House  did not read the reports or papers until let us say, recently.

Now we know, many of you will wonder just what can be shown about Benghazi  that has not been shown and just how it all this link back to maybe Obama and a  few others around him?  First, we know for a fact that Benghazi happened on  September 11, 2012.  Now very few with half a brain would ever dream that this  attack had anything other than the word “terrorists” linked directly to it since  it happened on the 11th anniversary of the fateful day the Twin  Towers were taken down by Islamic jihadists with the lives of nearly 3,000  innocent people snuffed out.  How can this be linked back to or even close to  Obama, especially since it was right before an important Presidential election?   It does seem very weird to have something like a terrorist act happen just over  a month before a Presidential election.  According to Obama, Al-Qaeda, or  whatever one wishes to call those Islamic jihadists with rags around their  heads, willing to blow themselves up and kill freedom-loving Westerners, were on  the run, like running all the way to Benghazi!

Mr. Hagmann goes into his investigation with what follows:

“During the course of any complex investigation, detectives are always  searching for that elusive “ah-ha!” moment, or the point at which a breakthrough  of a case is achieved. Often, that moment never arrives, or is considerably less  than dramatic when it does. In this case, the truth appeared to be so adeptly  hidden and convoluted that it took me a long time before I realized that many of  the puzzle pieces were actually in plain view, but they were just not readily  identifiable. The reason, I concluded, was that I was looking at this entire  situation all wrong. That’s when the “ah-ha” moment turned into an “uh-oh” moment.” (See –,  paragraph 4 of his article.)

Mr. Hagmann goes on to say:

“First, I made the erroneous assumption that I knew who the “good guys” and  the “bad guys” are, much like someone watching a vintage movie with “cops and  robbers” where the good guys wear the police  uniforms and the bad guys wear masks. I did not anticipate that  some of the so-called good guys might actually be the perpetrators, especially  considering the evil woven into these events. I am willing, however, to  stipulate that some of the “bad guys” might be nothing more than unwitting pawns  unknowingly involved in a larger agenda, although I find that more difficult to  accept given the death and destruction involved.

Secondly, I believe that I’ve found evidence that suggests links  between this video, or at least the manner in which this video was first  created, then changed and finally used, to key people and entities involved with  a number of suspicious events over the last decade. It would appear that some of  the individuals and entities, including but not limited to high ranking members  of both political parties, elected officials, and members of the  intelligence community have some level of active or passive involvement in  this and various past events of significance, but have adeptly maintained a  plausibly deniable role by only slight degrees of separation.”

Now just what has Mr. Hagmann discovered that made him go from the “ah-ha” moment to an “uh-oh” moment?  Unless my eyes deceived me, it comes from the one  thing that every CIA agent is taught, “plausible deniability.” Mr.  Hagmann discusses this, along with the possible way that now CIA director John  O. Brennan got his job. We have had two other statements that came to us under  false names showing that John Brennan had obtained all of Obama’s  documents, his real birth certificate, his passports from Indonesia, his College  transcripts showing a “foreign” student visa, and all the other oddities many  have discussed and failed to be able to prove.  But we will now show  through Mr. Hagmann’s article the links back to Obama, Brennan, Clinton, and  many others that may well show that the video they claimed was responsible for  inciting rage in the Islamists in Benghazi was actually thought of by some  friends of theirs!

To continue with Mr. Hagmann’s article and his findings;

“To bring more specificity to the above, it would appear that there is a  possible connection between the dissemination of the controversial video with  the 2008 passport office break-in scandal that involved improper computer access  to the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and  John McCain. The latter is an enigma in its own right, having its own level of  complicity and complexity. Additionally, that particular event appears to  involve other events at its periphery, including but not limited to the murder  of the key witness in that case, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.

One thing that appears to exist, if my investigative findings are correct, is  that some of the same individuals and entities that were directly and indirectly  involved in the passport office break-in, including government and defense  contractors, appear to have a role in the video controversy.

This leads to the third and perhaps most disturbingly critical discovery. If  my investigative findings are correct, it is my opinion as a professional  investigator that the events in Libya, which have now spread across the globe,  were a direct result of a covert CIA mission that appears to have been  compromised from within our own government. If I am incorrect, however, the  alternative is even more unthinkable.

If correct, my investigative trail leads directly to the U.S. Department of  State and the CIA with some level of White House involvement, at which point  things become even more convoluted. It is here that one might become confused  with the aforementioned “good guy versus bad guy” identification process.

Chronology of the video

14 July 2011: A “casting call” was posted to Craig’s List,  soliciting actors and actresses to appear in a movie under the working title Desert Warrior. Research published by various websites such as gawker notes  that key in the video’s production was 65 year-old Alan  Roberts, a/k/a Robert Brownell, a film director and  editor of films such as Young Lady Chatterly, The Happy Hooker goes  to Hollywood, and Karate Cop.

Roberts directing role was the result of a request by Egyptian native Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a/k/a “Sam Bacile,” who  was allegedly an informational and possibly operational asset for the U.S.  Department of Justice.

According to several cast members who appeared in the video, they were told  that they were appearing in a historical drama set in the Middle East and were  hoodwinked into a false plot. Some have publicly stated that some of their  dialogue was changed to such an extent, that someone actually dubbed over the  words they spoke. In other words, the audio was changed. After a careful review  of the video trailer, this claim appears to have merit.

The video was scheduled to be shown at the Vine Theater in Los Angeles,  California on 30 June, 2012 under a new title, The Innocence of Bn Laden [sic]. Two-(2) screenings were scheduled. Thousands of flyers  written in Arabic were created and passed out in advance of that date.

29 June 2012 (Friday): A regular to the Los Angeles City  Council meetings, a man identified as John Walsh, Hollywood resident and  operator of a local blog site, participated in the general public comments. His  appearance begins at the 2:30:15  mark in the archived footage of the Los Angeles meeting at City  Hall. Rather cryptically, he simply asks rhetorically whether the “neo-Nazis are  coming to Hollywood and directs the council members to his blog that references  the Vince Theater showing.

30 June 2012 (Saturday): Accounts of the scheduled showing  differ, but based on information obtained from Steve Klein, the spokesman for  the film on a special 90-minute edition of The  Hagmann & Hagmann Report on Sunday, September 23, 2012, the  showings were cancelled when no one showed up to watch the video. The theater  reportedly “closed” the screening without incident. It is relevant to point out  that the alleged screening for this video was scheduled during the time when  Jews typically observe Shabbat. Therefore, it is unlikely that the screening was  scheduled or otherwise arranged by anyone in the Jewish community.

1 July 2012 (Sunday): Interestingly, the title of the video  that was published online was changed from The Innocence of Bn Laden [sic] to The Innocence of Muslims on a YouTube channel that hosted  the trailer. The video was hosted on an account under the name Sam Bacile, who  was actually determined to be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

1 July – 11 September 2012: The video lies relatively  dormant until it is cited for the violence by U.S. government officials.

The official assertions made by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, UN  Ambassador Susan Rice, and Barack Hussein Obama that the controversial video was  the proximal cause of the initial spate of violence or protests can be readily  dispelled by simply looking at the history of the number of views through  September 11, 2012. The video did not gain notoriety until the murderous events  had already concluded in Libya.”

Now this is a time line that very few if any but Mr. Hagmann and maybe those  that knew of the actual operation were aware of.  If any of this is correct it  may well show a direct link back to someone in the White House and we are as of  now doing some back checks to see if we can find the link needed. But we need  only look at the article presented by Mr. Hagmann to see that the one person who  had obtained the records that may well show Obama is not even a United States  Citizen was none other than John O. Brennan.  See for yourself from what Mr.  Hagmann has found and what we have obtained through an undisclosed tip.

“In the ‘Montagraph video,’ a connection is drawn to Stanley, Inc. The  importance of this, beyond the status as defense contractors from Arlington,  Virginia, lies in the digital fingerprints connecting the video The  Innocence of Muslims with a user with access to the NewsPoliticsNow  website. The ‘Montagraph video’ explains the connection by the presence of a  common avatar, or an image used by Internet posters. It is here that things  become as disturbing as they are convoluted.

According to published reports, Stanley, Inc. was awarded a $164 million  contract to print new U.S. passports in 2006. Two employees of Stanley, Inc.,  along with a third individual employed by another defense contractor identified  as The Analysis Corporation, were identified  as the perpetrators who breached the records of the U.S. passport office on  three occasions in 2008 and “improperly accessed” the passport records of Barack  Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The breaches occurred on  January 9, February 21 and March 14, 2008.

It is important to note that the CEO of the Analysis Corporation at the time  of the passport office break-in was John O. Brennan, who served  as a close advisor to Obama in 2008 on matters of intelligence and foreign  policy. Brennan also contributed to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Brennan  also had a 25-year career in the CIA.”

With the way that the White House is holding back on the Benghazi  investigation, it may well be that the entire Benghazi matter goes all the way  to the White House and maybe even directly to Obama himself. Could this be true?  Could our nation be in this much trouble to be able to listen to a President  that has been called a huge liar over many other scandals and that Benghazi is  just another lie to him that he cares nothing about?  Remember, Obama made a  strange statement the other day, “I  should not have to call Russia,” or words to that effect.  It kind of  reminds one of the time during a debate where Obama stated, “That  is not something in my pay grade.”  Kind of close don’t you think?

Hagmann concludes, “The video appears to be serving multiple purposes. It  appears to be a multi-faceted catalyst by seemingly opposing parties to advance  different agendas. One might be to suppress any criticism of Islam and  ultimately restrict our freedom of speech – both religious and political  dissent, while the other is to foment chaos in Islamic countries as a means to  an end.”

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