Leading NYC Mayoral Candidate Vows To Close City’s Schools For Islamic Holidays…

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I always find it amusing when gay politicians back Islam.

Via NY Times:

Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker and one of the leading Democratic candidates for mayor, walked into a clubhouse in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, just as people had started to eat and was escorted straight to the buffet.

“I’d like to say I planned it,” Ms. Quinn joked.

She grabbed a plate, sat down, set aside her fork and picked up one of the stuffed vine leaves sitting on her plate.

The event at Dyker Beach Golf Course was an iftar, a meal to break the daylong fast during Ramadan, hosted by local Muslim Americans. For Ms. Quinn and several other candidates who attended, it was just another stop on a busy campaign trail. But for the Muslim community, it represented an opportunity to make its voice heard and build bridges with key government figures.

Among those present was John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller who is also a Democratic mayoral candidate; he arrived shortly after Ms. Quinn and settled on the other side of the room. Sal F. Albanese, another Democratic candidate, had come and gone. State Senator Eric Adams, a Democrat who is running for Brooklyn borough president, sat in a corner of the room. And a group of Brooklyn police officers occupied a table next to Ms. Quinn’s.

“I don’t remember, ever before, the Muslim community having this kind of a presence in a citywide election” Ms. Quinn said.

Her observation struck a chord.

Naji Almontaser, an American citizen born in Yemen, sat across the table from Ms. Quinn and said that reports about police surveillance of mosques and other Muslim institutions had agitated the community and driven more people to speak out over the last two years.

The community was already aggrieved, he said, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg vetoed a Council recommendation to add two Muslim holidays to the school calendar.

In an appeal for support, Ms. Quinn said she would close schools for those holidays.

“So if you get elected, we can count on that?” Mr. Almontaser asked.

“Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.” she responded.

***Obama: The Biggest “Crack” Dealer In America***

Free Republic

Crack is a drug designed to fill the user with euphoria for a very short time, need constant reuse, and very quickly enslaves the user into dependence. It is too often used in minority communities where life is harder and the promise of the American dream looks like a mountain too high to reach, so this make believe feeling of satisfaction can easily be offered and accepted by those desiring the illusion of a better life, NOW.

Enter Obama, the dealer of give-aways and food stamps and work free welfare and a host of other trinkets used to lure in the inexperienced, the young, those who don’t understand how America really works: you work hard and get ahead, and sometimes it’s not you but your children who get these blessings, but in America you earn things, they aren’t handed to you…..

Just like the corner crack dealer who robs you of your money for false pleasure, your work ethic for quick thrills, the Obama administration tries to make give aways instead of working fashionable and OK to pursue, robbing folks of their motivation to be more than they are, robbing them of the chance to have real solid accomplishments, and replaces them with temporary false highs that turn them and their families into government junkies…..

It’s time for the GOP to enter those minority communities including Latins, Blacks, the young and un wise, women, ET AL, and teach them about America through people who look like them, speak their language and understand how this administration is trying to enslave them for their own purposes….

We don’t advertise for food stamps and work free welfare…those things are there for those who can’t make it without them, it is not fashionable to be enslaved…

And the GOP better get that or they will allow the Obamas and hairy reeds of the country to ruin the citizens who only need education to become solid Americans, and Americans have always been self starters, and the ones the world relies on for guidance and goals of what a free man can do if allowed to.

The Seeds of Jihad

 Family Security Matters

Not a day goes by when I venture out to any local shopping or recreational  area when I am not confronted by many Muslim women in their traditional hijabs  or on occasion full burkas.  Sometimes they are alone, but more often than  not they are in groups and totally oblivious to the non-Muslims within their  midst.  Deliberately, they avoid eye contact as they gaze past  us.

A dozen years after 19 Muslims murdered 3000 of our American mothers,  fathers, sons, and daughters in the name of Islam, we find our American  landscape transformed with the practioners of the very ideology responsible for  9/11 and the nearly 22,000 murders committed worldwide by Islamists since that  infamous day.  Reason dictates that the welcome mat should have been  removed, but instead their numbers have greatly increased and as their numbers  rise so does the threat from a civilizational jihad as outlined in the Muslim  Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the  Group in North America.  (http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/20.pdf  )

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