Obama Justice Department Forcing Islamic Supremacist Mosque on Virginia County

Freedom Outpost

The good people in Henrico County, Virginia continue to have problems with the  Islamic Center of Richmond. Here is a press release from the local freedom  activists on the latest. Why is the Justice Department going to Henrico County,  Virginia and pushing American citizens around?

Henrico Mosque,  viewed as a recipe for disaster

Henrico County VA, July 2013 –  Described by eyewitness as “Islamic Center of  Richmond attendees leaving the ICR property by means of private Hoehns  driveway appeared that they were trying to force a Hoehns Lakeview Farm  resident’s vehicle into the oncoming traffic of Hungary Road”, this event – one  of many hostile activities reported by surrounding community residents to local  law enforcement – initiated by ICR’s land agent Yunus Vohra and his colleagues  resulted in a formal charge of disorderly conduct. Residents, daily impacted by  ICR events, describe this incident as one of the reasons why they refer to this  site – Masjid Yousuf located in the 8400 block of Hungary Road – as a recipe for  disaster.

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