The Egyptian People’s Message For America: “Obama Supports Terrorism”

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I am not sure when the people of Egypt became more worldly than the people  here in America but it would seem they have it figured out. Betsy Hiel tweeted a  picture of a banner that has been hoisted in Tahrir Square that reads “Obama  Supports Terrorism” in both English and Arabic. The banner has been placed in  preparation for Sunday’s scheduled protests against Mohamed Morsi and The Muslim  Brotherhood.


In a related story this week, an Egyptian politician claims that our  Ambassador to Egypt is part of a Muslim Brotherhood “sleeper cell.” Raymond Ibrahim reports for Jihadwatch:

More information concerning the blatantly pro-Brotherhood position of the  United States continues to emerge. Earlier, U.S. ambassador to Egypt Anne  Patterson exposed the Obama administration’s allegiance when she urged  Egyptians—including the beleaguered Christian Copts—not to protest  against the Muslim Brotherhood as planned for June 30.

Now, in a recent live  interview on Tahrir TV, former Egyptian Member of Parliament, Mustafa  Bakari, exposed the relationship between Patterson and Khairat al-Shater, the  deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Among other things, he pointed out how  she recently visited him at his private residence—as opposed to the party’s  headquarters—where she likely discussed with him internal matters concerning  Egypt, including how “we [the U.S.] will stand with you [regarding the June 30  protests],” adding that she sees and treats him as the “true ruler of the  nation.”

Due to Patterson’s ongoing and very open relationship with the Muslim  Brotherhood, Bakari concluded that “in fact, in my opinion, she is a member of  the sleeper cells of the Brotherhood, likely recruited by Essam al-Erian or  Muhammad al-Baltagi.”

A couple of days ago news broke that Mohamed Morsi, president of Egypt, has been tied to Benghazi by  some leaked intelligence documents. There is growing evidence that Benghazi  was likely a failed prisoner exchange to trade Ambassador Stevens for The Blind  Sheik.

Does Obama support terrorists? You tell me. How is it that Anti-Muslim  Brotherhood/Anti-Morsi protesters in Egypt are smarter than 80% of the people in  this country?

It’s because Obama is not the only person in America who supports terrorism.  You need to look very hard at media sources and 535 elected officials. With all  of the mountains of evidence, none of them are even asking about Morsi’s ties to  Benghazi. They save that sort of thing for guys like me and then they call me a  conspiracy theorist. Yet I guarantee you that many truth-seeking bloggers, like  myself, have uncovered more evidence than any of those tough as nails  Representatives who dance in circles like nancies begging whoever is on the  stand to answer a simple question.

While they waste their time interrogating General Carter Ham, there are a lot  of us out here who are looking for answers from the Arab world. You will not get  real truth from anyone in our top levels of government. They cannot be trusted.

I feel the same way about the media. With the exception of a few right-wing  sources (but certainly not all of them) there is very little reporting about who  might have actually been responsible for the murder of four Americans in  Benghazi. They are proving more so every day that we live with a state  controlled media.

If you are open-minded enough to entertain my claims then you can read:

The Butcher of Benghazi… Leaked Libyan Intelligence Documents  Implicate Morsi

The article is full of links to past articles and it details the case that  has been built tying your President and Hillary Clinton to a terrorist named  Mohamed Morsi who just happens to be the President of Egypt.

…Or you can go back to your Cheetos too. You can always wait to learn about  the terrorist ties. Habib may show up at your door someday and offer you a  personal lesson.

Wake up America.

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  1. Beck: These Are The Murderers We Are Sending Arms To….
    A three minute video VERY WELL WORTH WATCHING…..

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