The Big Picture

Socialism is not the Answer

by 1 Dragon

There is a saying, the truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the current resident of the White House. Mr. Obama, now Obama has been in acting President for a little over a year and has signed a few Bills into Law. Some if not all of them have been forced on the American People. Now this is not a new style of politics, it is Chicago Style Politics and it has been around for years. But what is different is Obama himself, his past is a mystery, gray, a big secret because on Day One of becoming Resident in Thief, he signed an Executive Order to have all of his files sealed. Now he wants to know everything about you, and I do mean everything but he does not want you to know anything about him. Obama is not just trying to hide something, he is trying to hide everything.

So here is my point. Lets say that a year or two after Obama is no longer in Office, the truth comes out. The man was an illegal President, Un-Constitutional and every thing he signed into law is now “NULL and VOID”. Great you say? Well what about all the billions of dollars spent on all of his screw ball ideas? How do we get that back? The countless lives he has destroyed by government corruption. What about the returning Service Men and Women from Iraq and Afghanistan that have been deemed as a possible Domestic Terrorist, the Patriots of the Tea Party who are now considered Political Terrorist. Is this a Government of the People, by the People and for the People?

It is time to wake up America, pull your head out of the sand or where ever you have it and look at what is going on around you. Washington is not broken, it is Corrupt and the sooner the People realize this, the sooner we can take our Country back.

8 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Terry did you write that, it’s perfect, dude if you did you are ready for prime time.

  2. Obama has no business being in office. e’s lied, cheated, broken all of his promises. He forced socialized healthcre on us. The people were scraming no, really. Very few were in favor of it, as we all know. He’s not done anyting for the LGBT community, he hasn’t imprved the economy by a long shot, the troops are still overseas and there are more people out f jobs than before he entered office.

  3. I wrote it. I confess.

  4. Terry,
    Very well written, and I believe it says it all. We have an executive thief in office that we do not want. Why can’t we just get together, all conservatives, tea-party members, and all Americans that can still see through the rhederic, and demand impeachment of this lemon? We have to stand together as Americans and demand our leaders to run our country, not their country. Wake up America, it’s time to act, before there isn;t an America left to fight for.

    • Thanks for your comments. You cannot impeach an Un-Constitutional President, but you can throw him in jail.

  5. Great points! Who supports the imposter in chief? Who? Besides his social elite Statist pals and the commie crowd he surrounds himself with……all the criminal crust that he owes for putting him in office…..they surround him. But who else? Who do we see in support of this blemish in America’s history? The vast majority of people who support Hussein, are the millions who WANT to take everything they can get from this country but not have to contribute a darn thing. And I do not use the term “take” lightly! Look at the Latina revolutionaires and THUGS that represent the SEIU and others! they are in your face with their demands and “OFFENSE” at everything America represents. They are there with their angry faces DEMANDING what they want and expect OR ELSE! Who are the people who oppose Obama’s policies and destruction of this nation? We, the People who are self accountable and teach our children to be as well. We have become a nation divided from the community orgainzer, Obama. He sides with the Anti-Americans who are making demands for more handouts in exchange for votes. I love the statement above from 1 dragon! Cannot impeach and Unconstitutional Pres., but can throw him in jail! IMHO, Jail is TOO GOOD for what he is doing to our country! All these kooks, and those with hate filled hearts don’t like what we have here in America, then by God they should LEAVE!

  6. Thanks for you amazing comments GlowGirl. As far as jail goes, I was thinking of Gitmo. I’m sure he has a lot of friends there.

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