Young People Deserting Obama

Human Events

I’m always entertained when older folks try to reach out to people my age. It’s hardly ever a pretty sight and most of the time these attempts end up being hilarious. I found myself chuckling at Barack Obama’s most recent effort to beg young voters to come out to the polls this November.

This snoozer video featured Obama’s rhythmic phrasing and melodious voice preaching to first-time voters about why they should come out to vote in this year’s congressional election. He talked about all the problems he inherited and the wondrous programs he’s installed to solve them.

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Obama Justice Department Tells Court to Shield White House Visitor Logs from Full Disclosure and FOIA Law

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that the Obama Justice Department advanced the erroneous claim in an April 21, 2010, court filing that Secret Service’s logs of White House visitors are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  As Judicial Watch noted in its original complaint filed on December 7, 2009, this claim “has been litigated and rejected repeatedly” by the courts.

Washington, DC

Judicial Watch

The Justice Department filing comes in Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit seeking records for all visitors to the White House from January 20, 2009, to the present.  On February 22, 2010, Judicial Watch filed a “Motion for Partial Summary Judgment” in its lawsuit, noting that the rule of law and court precedent do not support the position of the Obama administration:

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Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted the central bank created $1.3 trillion out of thin air to buy mortgage backed securities.  This shocking admission came from the Joint Economic Committee hearing on Capital Hill last week.  I was dumbfounded when I saw Bernanke shake his head in the affirmative as Representative Ron Paul said, “Well, where did you get the money? You created this money. So you did monetize debt, and that went into the banking system.” I was amazed he admitted this.  I looked up the original hearing on C-Span to make sure the clip was not edited.  It was not.

What is even more shocking is I could not find a single mainstream news agency that covered this revelation.  Congress just finished voting on the bitterly contested Obama health care bill that is supposed to cost nearly a trillion dollars over ten years.  (Some contend it will be more than twice that amount.)  The mainstream media doesn’t even bat an eye over the Fed creating $1.3 trillion in a little more than a year to buy worthless debt no one else will touch.  I do not get it.  I guess we could have asked the Fed to print up a trillion dollars to pay for health care and avoided that drawn out battle in Congress.

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O, Such Sad Deception

American Thinker
In his book entitled Satan in Goray, Isaac Bashevis Singer recounts the tragedy of a town whose hopes had been abysmally dashed when they discovered that the man they deemed messiah was, in fact, a fraud.  The novel begins with gruesome descriptions of massacres, the gory details which Singer drew almost word for word from records of the infamous 1648 pogroms by Chmelnicki where tens of thousands of Jews were brutally murdered.  It was a precursor to the evils of Hitler.
The real focus in Satan in Goray, however, is on the recovery of the remote town of Goray.  After fifteen years, the traumatized survivors begin to return to their village.  A demoralized people, these Jews had been only too ready to embrace a messiah.  Enter Shabbetai Zvi born in 1626, a Talmudic scholar who engaged in mysticism.  He was given to messianic fantasies and was soon declared to be the messiah by his followers.  He began to act the part and messianic fervor took hold of communities that had not personally experienced bloodshed as well as those who had experienced the lash.  Jews began to repent; they were filled with incredible joy and enthusiasm and many leaders of the Jewish community acknowledged Zvi as the Messiah.  From small villages to cosmopolitan centers, leading rabbis and their adherents were caught up in the joy of finally being delivered.  Then reality set in.  Zvi was brought before the Sultan of Turkey and given the choice of death or apostasy; he decided to convert to Islam.
The news rocked the Jewish world.  The treason was more than they could bear.  It is Singer’s portrayal of the aftermath of the moral destruction by this false belief in Zvi which is so stunning in the novel.  The decay of the community is even worse than the physical destructions which had preceded it.  The people lost their moral compass; they succumbed to all forms of evil.  They allowed themselves to be mesmerized by the promise of a new age, out of hope for a better world.  Their downfall is pitiful to behold.
As I read this book, I am constantly reminded of what I predict will be the end game for so many blacks who ardently believe in the promise of Barak Obama.  They see in him a vindication of the bitterness of slavery, and of the denial of their civil rights up until recently.  They see him as a natural result of the incredible work of Martin Luther King but it is not so.  King was a unifier; Obama is divisive. But it is not only the many Black Americans who view Obama as the messiah.  It is the many progressives who cannot see past his gibberish and, instead, deign him to be a gifted orator.  Oprah Winfrey referred to Obama as “the One.”  Acknowledged anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan also sees Obama as the deliverer.  In a 2008 Washington Post interview, Joel Stein stated that “the messiah would make an excellent president.”
I have my own personal experience with this misguided notion of Obama’s powers. During the time that he was campaigning, I expressed my deep concerns to a black friend of many years.  Although she had always contacted me a few times a year in the past just to catch up, it suddenly became very quiet.  Thinking that she had fallen ill, I tried to contact her but still no response.  Then in September of 2009, she wrote me expressing her warm feelings towards me but clearly upset with my vocalizing my genuine worries with Obama’s connections to Reverend Wright, and Ayers, his unsustainable tax demands and his anti-Israel stance.  I wrote an impassioned letter to her; in fact, I even asked her to refute my concerns.  I never heard from her again.
So what is the point of these musings?  Like the Jews of Goray, those people who voted for Obama are going to have their world turn over 180 degrees.  I fear for their faith in Obama.  He is not an honest broker.  He misleads and uses the ancient Roman trick of “bread and circuses.”  Interesting is the fact that this allegedly transparent leader has not held a press conference in months.  Obama’s angry and contemptible behavior against allies is revealing.  His mercurial nature has Americans spinning; it takes incredible energy to keep up with his poisonous prevarications.
How will these Obama supporters lose their moorings?  Daily, more factual information emerges that shows what a fraud Obama is.  What will they ever be able to believe in again?  Jeremy Dauber has written that Isaac Bashevis Singer saw how weak men of goodwill are easily pushed aside by brutes if they refuse to fight back.  So to my friend of many years, to those Jews who thought Obama would be the messiah, I issue a call to seek the truth and not be blinded by a charismatic figure whose change is only about power and glory and not about your well being.  Remember Goray!

Release and Cover up

The Weekly Standard

On May 1, 2009, Republican senator Christopher Bond wrote to President Obama with questions about the handling of detainees from Guantánamo Bay. Bond, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was concerned about reports that an increasing number of transferred detainees were going “back to the battlefield to kill American soldiers.” He asked a series of specific questions about the detainees and the process for releasing or transferring them.

Almost a full year later, on April 19, 2010, Bond received a response from the Justice Department, which Obama had designated as the lead agency on the detainee task force. Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legislative Affairs Ronald Weich wrote offering a vague description of detainee review process and promising that the detainee task force made its decisions only after a “careful examination of the available and relevant information pertaining to each detainee.”

Blah, blah, blah.

For more than a year, Obama officials, with the Justice Department in the lead, have hidden crucial information on detainees from the public. They have refused to discuss the decisions of the Guantánamo Bay task force or to identify the 60 individuals who serve on it. They have declined to provide information on the detainees that have been transferred or released. And they have ignored repeated requests for specifics on the growing number of former detainees who have returned to jihad—terrorists that the U.S. military is now fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and beyond.

The recidivist group is growing. The Weekly Standard has learned that the Pentagon has an updated version of its “Return to the Battlefield” report, which tracks Guantánamo Bay recidivism. The percentage of known or suspected recidivists is now “north of 20 percent,” according to a source familiar with the latest data.

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Double standard on Obama’s dissing

May 2, 2010

Two front-page lead headlines appeared in Washington newspapers this week bearing on race and politics. One passed without notice, the other inspired a minor outpouring of the usual overheated commentary that is typically aimed at journalistic critics of political correctness. The unnoticed headline appeared in Express, the commuter tabloid published by the Washington Post. It said civil rights leaders wonder if Arizona’s new law aimed at stopping the flood of illegal immigration into the state is “borderline racist?” The other headline appeared in the Washington Examiner atop a story reporting President Obama’s partisan appeal to the groups that “powered” his 2008 presidential victory, namely “young people, African-Americans, Latinos and women” for their support in the 2010 elections. The Examiner head said “Obama disses white guys.”

The reaction to “Borderline racist?” was silence. The reaction to “Obama disses white guys” was typified by the hyperventilating Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, who called the Examiner “reactionary,” then nodded in agreement as his guest, “political analyst” Richard Wolffe described our headline as “a sad and pathetic attempt to distort, with this toxic mix of malice and ignorance.” Strangely, Olbermann didn’t bother to tell his audience that Wolffe, a former Newsweek reporter, is now Obama’s pet propagandist and is granted exclusive access as he writes adulatory campaign tracts like his recently published “Renegade: The making of a president.”

Which headline was more accurate? Express insinuated racists motives for Arizona officials because they approved a law that directs local police to do something that is already legal, which is to stop somebody on reasonable suspicion that they may have broken a law. Whether the law is racist is a matter of hotly contested debate, yet the Express headline can be read as declaring it so. By contrast, the Examiner headline simply stated a truth made clear by the 2008 election returns. Exit polls show that about 47 percent, or 32 million of Obama’s 69 million votes for president were cast by men, 18 million of whom were white males. Thus, about one fourth of Obama’s total vote came from white males. Yet in seeking to re-energize for the 2010 campaign the voters who “powered” his 2008 victory, Obama ignored this constituency. Does Obama consider white men a drag on his coalition, or has he given up on them because of their declining support for his policies in opinion polls? Either way, “disses” is exactly the right term to describe it. The double standard is clear: Those on the left who routinely describe voters primarily by their racial and ethnic identities have no problem when their favored candidates do so. But they get bent out of shape whenever someone else reports the rest of the story.

Enquirer: Obama Cheated With Aide

(Newser) – John Edwards isn’t the only Democratic candidate who cheated on his fairytale marriage, if the National Enquirer is to be believed: The tab claims none other than Barack Obama ‘became close to” 35-year-old campaign aide Vera Baker, quoting an anonymous limo driver who claims to have dropped Baker off for a “secret rendezvous” at a DC hotel. The tab’s a bit hazy on the timing of the dalliance, but the driver’s definite Baker went in to the hotel with Obama, even though she “did not have a room.”

It’s not the first time Baker’s name has surfaced, and the Enquirer claims to be hunting a hotel surveillance tape that will provide “indisputable evidence.” Obama-haters, meanwhile, are purportedly offering $1 million-plus for anybody in the know to spill the beans.