Sestak confirms WH job offer to get out of Senate race


Rep. Joe Sestak, winner of the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, is refusing to provide more information on what job he was offered by a White House official to drop of that race, although he confirmed again that the incident occurred.

The White House was backing incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) in the primary. Sestak acknowledged in an interview in February that he was offered a position by an unnamed White House official – a potential violation of federal law – but has not offered any specifics on conversation. Republicans are trying to use the issue against Sestak in the November Senate race.

“It’s interesting. I was asked a question about something that happened months earlier, and I felt that I should answer it honestly, and that’s all I had to say about it.” Sestak said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Anybody else has to decide on what they will say upon their role. That’s their responsibility.”

Yet Sestak confirmed to NBC’s David Gregory that the incident did take place.

“I was offered a job, and I answered that,” Sestak said. “Anything that goes beyond that is for others to talk about.”


Chris Matthews: Obama ’scares me’

Chris Matthews: The thrill is gone

Capitol Hill Blue

Chris Matthews, the bombastic MSNBC talk show host who used to say President Barack Obama sent a thrill up his leg now says the nation’s first African-American President “scares me.”

Matthews, appearing on the “Tonight Show” says Obama’s lack of leadership in the the Gulf Oil spill crisis is frightening.

Matthews asked: “When is he actually going to do something?” The talk show host and one-time aide to late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill added that the President has “been acting a little like a Vatican observer.”

Matthews transformation from Obama lover to critic highlights a growing dissatisfaction with the President that crosses both party and ideological lines.

Obama’s lack of leadership has already cost the Democratic party support of independents who helped put him in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress.

When cheerleaders like Chris Matthews head for the lifeboats you know the good ship Obama is taking on water and sinking fast.


Modern Liberalism & Islam: An Uncanny Resemblance

Canada Free Press

Both Neo-Liberalism and traditional Islam present unmistakable hallmarks of Fundamentalist thought. (Neo-Liberalism defined here as the early 20th century attempt to hide socialism behind the term “liberalism.”) Arguably, the main fixation behind both ideologies is controlling others, seeing to it they obey all the rules. In other words, both have a predilection towards totalitarianism. This is clearly seen in regimes like Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Both socialists and Islamic fundamentalists assume a judgmental, condescending tone when preaching. Such doctrinaire attitudes result from accepting a false fundamentalist world view.

Socialism is easily differentiated from true, ie “Classical” Liberalism. The latter was the default world view of freedom-seeking Europeans during the American Revolution, based on the ideas of Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Paine, Calvin, Puritan Revolutionaries, etc. These convictions center on self-reliance, limited government defending the rights of man, and bolstering freedom – wherever possible. The world view of Classical Liberalism is well-represented by Locke’s observation that the task of government is increasing people’s freedom.

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Key Al Qaeda Figure Accidentally Blows Himself Up, U.S. Officials Say

Fox News

A man whom the U.S. described as a key figure in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula accidentally blew himself up, U.S. military officials told Fox News.

The officials say Nayif Al-Qahtani was “messing with a bomb” when it went off. U.S. officials had been watching him, but Fox News’ sources insist the U.S. had nothing to do with his death.

Al-Qahtani was “a vibrant guy linked to ongoing operations planning, and his death will have an impact,” one official told Fox News.

An Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula newsletter was the first to announce his death a week after the United States put terror sanctions on him. The newsletter did not say when it happened but said Al-Qahtani died in Yemen’s Abyan province in the south of the country.

The State Department recently described al-Qahtani as “a liaison between Al Qaeda cells in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.”  It said he manages Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s operations in Yemen and receives financial support from abroad to launch attacks in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is recognized for its connection to the failed 2009 Christmas Day airline attack in Detroit. Since then, Yemen’s government has increased airstrikes on the group’s members within its own country using intelligence support from the United States.