Our Government Plans to Thank Our Military by Cutting Their Jobs, Pay, Benefits, Housing, Retirement


Independent Sentinel

The government is planning to cut jobs, salaries and benefits of our military. Some of these people have served four tours of duty in combat zones. We know what the military faces when they go into these war zones. We’ve seen what these terrorists do.

They should never have to worry about their pay, benefits or job security, not while they’re on active duty and not while they are retired.

We are not only cutting the size of our military force, ships, equipment, arms, we are cutting salaries, retirement, healthcare and housing of the brave men and women who fight to protect the American people at great personal sacrifice. Even commissaries in the States will suffer cuts.

It was brought about by sequestration and a Congress and president who can’t settle on a solution other than sacrificing our military.

Our military believe they can’t count on their jobs any longer. It will kill incentive for good men and women to join.

Army officials have already said they’ll have to trim their service’s ranks to about 420,000 soldiers — if not more — by the end of the decade if the sequestration cuts aren’t repealed. “We may have to tell good soldiers to go home,” said Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey.

The government is about to lay off tens of thousands to give us the smallest Army since 1940, the smallest Navy since 1915. We’re destroying the Intelligence Committee,” to quote Lindsey Graham.

“Thirty years ago, if you were a good airman and worked hard, you could serve for 20 years. I’m not sure you can say the same today,” said Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody at a congressional hearing last week. He added that budget uncertainty “is curtailing the ability to serve.”

There is talk of sweeping cuts to healthcare costs, even for retirees, a 41% reduction in retirement benefits, yahoo News reported from First Command. We contracted with these military veterans and we are breaking a solemn promise we made to them.

The government is also talking about a 40% reduction in annual pay increases.

There was a modest change in pharmacy fees in the NDAA. That is a sign of what they think is a good place to find money.

This is the second year of reduced pay raises. Their housing allowances are being reduced. Forced reductions, reduced promotion rates, possible cuts to retirement benefits — military budget cuts are real. Most military families will be impacted.

They’re is even talk of eliminating their healthcare plan – TRICARE – instead of improving it. They are also considering requiring retirees to pay burdensome costs for their healthcare. We can hand out $35,000 per illegal alien family in Earned Income Tax Credits (welfare) but we can’t pay for the people who keep us safe.

Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Stevens said sailors also have begun asking about possible pay cuts, equipment losses and training reductions as they look at coming years’ budgets.

“They are concerned,” he told lawmakers. “Uncertainty in the geopolitical and operational world is understandable. However, ambiguity in areas that we control, such as sequestration, are not so easily understood by them.”

The Military Times reported that Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald Green said all aspects of military life will suffer.

Marines “should not have to deal with thinking about if they’re going to have enough resources to go ahead and do our mission,” Green said. “It’s going to leave us in a position that is going to hurt, and affect our readiness.”

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