Chicago Politics in Georiga

Socialism is not the Answer

by: 1 Dragon

The more I understand people, the more I like my dog.

Mark Twain

I guess they got to the Judge in Georgia but at least he still has his knee caps. Neither Obama or his Lawyer provided any evidence, in fact, neither one appeared in court. That alone tells me they got to the Judge.

With so much corruption and cover-up from this adminstration, you have to ask yourself, can anything stick on Obama? They got Nixon on far less.

14 thoughts on “Chicago Politics in Georiga

  1. From what I research the Deputy Judge Michael Malihi is a Muslim from Iran. Like so many in the Obama administration. In fact the government has been completely infiltrated with them at all levels. You don’t get that information from watching Fox or any other news outlet. Wake up peopele
    we are in the fight of our lives.Judge Malihi also lived in the same state that Obama received his social security number from which is a proven fraud. Look up the Judge on the net, he is the only one in the state of Georgia in that position without any bio. Check it out. Time to sound the alarm and speak up. First they came for the Catholic christians and you could be next.

  2. I am afraid you are so correct and totally discusted that Brian Kemp did not object in his position and appoint another Judge or at least have this investigated! This absolutely sickens me with my home State and I only wish that a higher within the State authority would look into and go sso far as to arrest The Judge and interrogate him and if what you and I suspect is true then he be removed from the bench and recused from ever practicing law in the State of Georgia! This Smells of an obama fix and any fool can see it!

  3. eliwhit Your comment is greatly appreciated and Brian Kemp should
    in fact call for an investigation. This is the greatest Constitutional issue
    in the history of America.This illegal usurper has to be taken out of office
    before the election. He plans to declare himself around the time of the
    election. This man is more despised than any person in the history of
    America. If in fact there is an electiion and Obama wins, world war will
    break out on American soil.If the American people were reading his Executive Orders and the 4 Treaties he has Hillary working on at the Unied Nations we are
    done. Forever. May God have mercy on the American people for sitting
    by and allowing elected officials to take its money and its sovereingty

  4. Well said dragon great job. This was all in the master plan, J.C.

  5. American12345: Hope this gets to you . I have been on site with what I have named the group of 3., the Plaintiffs in this case they are in fact mounting an appeal and with good cause under the Constitution and with what I see as an excellant taredown of judge malihi’s useless consideration. His ruling was truly pathetic in as much as he did not consider but a directly related precidence and this bye far was not a very good one as their are more than one previously rulled on years ago that set up against his so called used example! I believe he was paid off or threatened Muslim wise that is!

  6. Thank you, eliwhit
    Please keep connected as this case continues to more forward. Our
    local 15 member Think-Tank researches Obama legal suits as he
    daily destroys our sovereignity and liberties. The 4 Treaties that he
    has Hillary commandering at the UN should pretty much take our
    country out and down. Our great hope is a court can take Obama out
    which would eliminate all his appointments, legislation, and Executive
    Orders immediately.The slate would be wiped clean. Then we could
    address finances, eleminate the Federal Reserve, dismiss Federal judges
    legislating from the bench. Celebrate the Constitution and the Re-birth
    of America. God Bless America !

  7. eliwhit,
    Almost forgot the most important point. Destroy the UNITED NATIONS.
    Mandate that all countries involved be removed and the building blown
    to bits. Every communist-marxist-traitor tried for treason and hung or
    sent to Iran to live under Sharia law. Wouldn’t Hillary be pretty on her knees being whipped by a diaper headed muslim ?

    • Halaluyah! It seems that our taxes pay for everything for all other nations including UN buildings and maintenance and site, Wonder if we pay for their meals and coffee probably. It sucks! We pay they all play! And I am enthusiastically looking forward to your comments , love to see them go down as you said! But as for Billiary I would not mind impersonating a Rag head with a towel wrapped around my head just to get to whip the living shit out of her sorry ass! Then send me obama I would supply all the whips and lash him until I could not stand any longer!
      I will remain connected on this one for further info and will get back if anything comes to me on this side !

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