Why Obama Desperately Wants A HUDNA (Muslim Fake Truce) With The Catholic Church


Western Journalism

Catholic Bishops take note: It’s a HUDNA! Please don’t do it.

Barack Hussain Obama a man brought up in a Muslim tradition is trying to use a weapon against the Catholic Church as old as Islam itself. A Hudna is a tactical cease-fire designed to trick an enemy into dropping his guard so you can kill him while he sleeps.

Saddam’s thugs used it to prolong the battle over Falujah. They tricked George Bush into a hudna and used the time to rest and regroup.

The plan

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The Obama Ballot Challenges: A Crisis of Confidence

American Thinker

Just  a few months ago, FOX  News reported on polling data which suggested that “[i]f Americans could  cast a ‘confidence’ vote in the style of European parliaments, President Barack  Obama would not fare well. A 56-percent majority would give his administration a  vote of ‘no confidence.'”


Ample  evidence abounds for Americans to have no confidence that the economic justice  activist-turned-politician is working out for the good of the country.   Even at the most fundamental level, doubt remains as to whether the man  occupying the White House is constitutionally eligible for the  job.

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Article II Facts


The U.S. Constitution is not just a piece of paper. If is was, Liberals, Progressives and our current Community Organizer in Chief wouldn’t be trying so hard to destroy it.                       1Dragon

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