Freedom Vs. Socialism

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Since Barack Obama has no respect for America or Americans, he will doubtlessly announce that the October 2012 unemployment rate is about 6.5% or some other ridiculous lie. Does it make any difference? Not really, because he and the Charlie McCarthy dummy who is posing as our Vice President won’t be able to survive the reality of what they have done to us since January 2009.

The problems Obama will face are growing, not subsiding.

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Fortress DC: New Capitol lockdown plan in works

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They can say what they want but I think they are afraid of the People. After all, there are more of us then them and Barry may have to be drug out of the WhiteHouse when he looses the election, but that’s just my opinion.

Washington Examiner

A new and sweeping security project to lock down gateways to the U.S. Capitol is being planned, aimed at targeting gang assaults and lone wolf attackers like the alleged al Qaeda suicide bomber FBI agents seized earlier this month.

Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers told Washington Secrets that the plan is to spend $7.8 million to secure House and Senate garages “very quickly” should an attacker try bust in. “It’s the ability to kind of secure our garages from entry in a very fast manner,” he said after briefly describing the funding request to a congressional committee.
Ayers said the targets are “car bombs or groups of people or whatever the threat may be.”

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