Oh, dear. Another terrorist was arrested on his way to commit mass murder of Americans. But rather than the white, conservative, Christian, Constitution-supporting, American military veteran the FBI and DHS keep warning police about, or the 88-year-old white grandmother, or the little 6-year-old white girl that the TSA loves to frisk at the airport, he turned out to be, as 99 percent of them have, a foreign Muslim. Blonde conservative columnist – and therefore, by liberal and leftist media definition, rully dum! – Ann Coulter for years has accurately described who commits terrorist acts against America. Why, then, can’t the departments and agencies of the federal government, who employ thousands of people, many certainly intelligent enough to do so, do so? A mystery, indeed.

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2 million dead ready to vote for Obama

Flopping Aces

Along with 24 million others who aren’t valid any longer

The United States’ voter registration system is in chaos — about 24 million registrations are no longer valid and nearly 2 million dead people are still on voter rolls, according to a new report Tuesday.

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War On: Obama and ObamaCare verses Constitutional Patriots and Religious Freedom

Knowledge Creates Power

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius answered questions in Congress this week about the left framed ‘contraception compromise’ or the ‘first amendment un-compromise’ as framed by the right.

Sibelius essentially said that the decision has been made and this mandate along with many other surprises for those who did not follow the ObamaCare fight on in August 2013… PERIOD!  The decision has been made and will go into affect regardless of the Constitution, religious freedom or what the American people want.

Remember what Nancy Pelosi said… “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in the bill!”  Well, you are beginning to find out.

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Colorado Student Who Refused to Sing Song Praising Allah Quits School After Death Threats


Gateway Pundit

A Colorado student who refused to sing a song praising Allah quit the choir this week.  This morning FOX and Friends reported that James Harper quit school in Grand Junction after receiving death threats.

Harper received the death threats after the story broke this week. The school defended its decision to sing the song to Allah.