The Democrats Rediscover Bipartisanship


In 2008 the theme was, “We won. and the other party can sit in the back.” But now it’s 2011 and after a punishing election which the majority party lost badly, the new theme is, Bipartisanship. From proposals to have Democrats and Republicans sit together, as if congress were an elementary school assembly instead of the legislative body of the nation, to calls for civility and tamped down rhetoric, there’s a sudden emphasis on everyone getting along and working together.

In 2008 the Democrats had the chance to be good winners, but instead they chose to ram through a unilateral agenda that most of the country opposed. The 2010 elections punished them for their hubris, and now they expect the Republicans to be the good winners that they never were. But such a message would have been far more convincing if they hadn’t tried to wrap it around a madman’s shooting spree, like a gift wrapped brick hurled through a window.

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Government Control

Little by little Government Control has come into our lives and once they arrive they never leave. They are like the neighbor that borrows everything you own and never brings any of it back. They have added one tax after another and continue to do so today. They pass laws at the drop of a hat and don’t even know what’s in them. Once again the 2nd Amendment is at stake and once again the Government has NO CLUE. There is so  much Corruption within our own Government, Constitutional Rights be violated on a daily basis, crimes being commented by all levels of government and they think that taking guns away from the people will solve the problem. Like I said, the Government has NO CLUE.

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