The New USS USA must plow through Marxist minefields


Now that the newbies have been sworn in at the White House, how long before George Soros gives his favourite protégé Barack Obama a hand by starting big plans to pervert them?

In DC it’s the power brokers of Marxism’s One World Order now running the show.  It’s an ongoing game of Snakes & Ladders with almost everyone of all political stripes connected via Think Tank membership to everyone else.

Research supremo Sandy Williams has an ongoing feature on Canada Free Press (CFP) that shows a dizzying pattern of who’s linked to whom.

The same people linked to the same think tanks show that all roads inevitably lead back to corrupt Chicago.

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Under the radar at the White House

American Thinker
Don’t be fooled by this picture of Obama staffers returning from Hawaii. In between the much photographed surfing, golfing and eating Michelle’s forbidden foods, Obama did plenty of work away from the not too prying eyes of the press. (hat tip: instapundit).

Check out these recess appointments announced while he vacationed; recess appointments conveniently don’t have to be approved by Congress. Appointing an ambassador to Syria, an anti American, terrorist country embracing Iran, after several years absence, would not have won Congressional approval but much loud opposition. Sneaking one in during the long Christmas holiday vacation guaranteed garnered minimal attention and publicity.

The most transparent White House in history continues to amaze.

Danger Close At Hand

Human Events

It is an oppressive, oil-rich, terrorist-supporting, atomic-seeking, missile-acquiring, arms-proliferating and American-hating regime. Hint: Iran is one of this Latin American country’s few allies.

Venezuela, the culprit regime, is 5 times closer to American shores than the Persian menace and potentially far more dangerous. Yet President Barack Obama has no visible Venezuela policy to counter the growing threat.

Last year when Obama met Venezuela’s leftist leader Hugo Chavez, he smiled, shook the man’s hand then later explained that showing “courtesy” wasn’t “a sign of weakness.” But the South American pariah is modeling itself after radical regimes Iran and Cuba while Obama just smiles.

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Govt. Spends $1 Mil So Illegal Border Crossers Don’t Drown

Judicial Watch

In a reprehensible waste of taxpayer funds, a government agency is spending more than $1 million to install floating devices along a canal where hundreds of illegal immigrants have drowned trying to sneak into the United States.

The costly project was inspired by pressure from the mainstream media, which portrayed government officials as “indifferent and callous” that scores of illegal immigrants have died in the canal that runs along the California-Mexico border. More than 100 life-saving buoys have been bolted across the desert waterway in the last few months at a cost of $1.1 million, according to a national news wire.

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Has Obama gone Bozo with our Defense?

Socialism is not the Answer

1 Dragon


I’m sure most of you have heard the story, if you make guns illegal, only criminals will have guns. Well if you take away our defense, that would be like an open invitation to every country that dislikes us to come on in and do your worst. There is a great piece on Real Clear Politics that talks about this. Maybe Obama needs to read it too. An Unconstitutional President signing nuclear deals with Communist countries just doesn’t sound good. But then everything else he has signed doesn’t sound good either. I think the whole job is above his pay grade, maybe he should have stayed in Chicago as a Community Organizer or tried his luck at being a clown in a circus. Well he never stays long in one place, he is always traveling and apparently he thinks the job as President is a joke.

Ronald Regan said Peace through Strength, Teddy Roosevelt said Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick and one of my favorite lines was by Chuck Norris who said, if you come back in here…I’m going to hit you with so many lefts..your going to beg me for a right. The world is not going to sit down and have a coke and talk about the good old days but maybe Obama needs to sit down and think about resigning from Office. He’s done enough damage.