John Stossel: My State of the Union Address

The first line of this article really cracks me up. Obama fulfilled his constitutional duty. Its the only part of the Constitution that he believes in, and he wouldn’t miss the chance to appear on TV and use his teleprompter.                                    1 Dragon



President Obama fulfilled his constitutional duty and gave his report on the state of the union. Here’s mine:

We’re in deep trouble.

You know why. Our debt has passed $14 trillion, and yet our current spending plans will make that worse. The U.S. debt will reach Greek levels in just 10 years.

But do not despair. If we make reasonable cuts to what government spends, our economy can grow us out of our debt. Cutting doesn’t just make economic sense, it is also the moral thing to do. Henry David Thoreau had it right when he “accepted(ed) the motto … that government is best which governs least.”

So what should we get rid of?

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First and Fourth Amendments arrested | At the command of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, I have often written about the need for students to understand why they are Americans — so they can act as informed citizens. This is the inspirational story of 21-year-old architecture student Aaron Tobey, who was outraged at the violation of his civil liberties by the Transportation Security Authority’s imposition of whole-body imaging scanning and patdowns of our private parts at airports.

On Dec. 30, waiting in line at Richmond (Virginia) International Airport, Tobey, determined “to start a dialogue” about the crucial importance of the First and Fourth Amendments to our constitutional liberties, removed his shirt as the screening began in order to show that he had written on his chest the core of the Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure … against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.”

Immediately arrested and handcuffed, this young, insistent constitutionalist was interrogated for 90 minutes by security agencies, including, of course, the FBI’s Joint Task Force on Terrorism.

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George Washington, John Jay, and the Natural Law Definition of “Natural Born Citizen”

Does this mean that George Washington and John Jay were the First Birthers?                                            1 Dragon

On April 30, 1789,  George Washington took the oath of office as President of the United States from the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City.  The President and Congress shared space in Federal Hall with the New York Society Library.

Some of the records of that Library are of particular interest when considering the influence of the works of Emmerich de Vattel on our Founding Fathers.

Why does this matter? Because of how Vattel defined a term that our Founders wrote into our Constitution, and the implications to Barack Hussein Obama.

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White House official: Obama will tackle ‘very important issue’ of gun control

The Hill

A White House senior adviser said Tuesday night that President Obama is “going to address [gun control].”

In an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, David Plouffe responded to criticism that the president did not mention gun control in his State of the Union address. Some Democrats on Capitol Hill and gun-control advocates have called for new legislation in the wake of the deadly shooting that killed six and injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) earlier this month.


Plouffe said Obama’s speech on Tuesday was focused on the economy. He added that the president has been clear on his views on gun control, citing Obama’s position of reinstating the expired assault weapons ban.

“He’s going to address this,” Plouffe said. “It’s a very important issue and I know there’s going to be a lot of debate on the Hill.”

It’s not clear what legislation Obama will urge Congress to pass. Despite his support for reauthorizing the assault weapons ban, he has not made the issue a priority and has been lambasted by gun-control groups during the first two years of his presidency.

Williams said he was told by a senior administration official that Obama will take on gun control at a different venue and later date.


Where are the birth records for Obama?


President Obama has had a glaring question hanging over his head about where he was born and his eligibility, long before he was elected President.  Democrat Attorney Phillip Berg and a host of others,  Allen Keys,  Dr. Jerry Corsi and myself have boldly addressed this issue for years now.

People daring to question Obama’s eligibility and missing birth certificate have been marginalized,  called every name in the book,  racist, birther,  anarchist….on and on.  Per the investigation of Doug Hagmann,  private investigator and Judi McLeod,  editor of,  some conservative hosts and conservative networks have been intimidated and had their jobs threatened if they dared address the issue in even a balanced,  exploratory way.  Hands off Obama!

The ‘fix’  has been in and aided and abetted by most of the 5th column cowardly media. Long ago they seem to have sold out to the American people and the truth.  Instead,  they joined the Obama,  cult,  worship club.

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10 states now developing eligibility-proof demands

World Net Daily

Arizona may have the most advanced plan, but 10 of the United States – controlling 107 Electoral College votes – are now considering some type of legislation that would plug the hole in federal election procedures that in 2008 allowed Barack Obama to be nominated, elected and inaugurated without providing proof of his qualifications under the U.S. Constitution.

And they aren’t all the simple legislation such as that adopted in New Hampshire a year ago that requires an affidavit from a candidate stating that the qualifications – age, residency and being a “natural born citizen” – have been met.

In Georgia, for example, HB37 by Rep. Bobby Franklin not only demands original birth-certificate documentation, it provides a procedure for and declares that citizens have “standing” to challenge the documentation.