Terrorism and the Missing Southeast Asia Flights


This article is simply the offspring of observation, and speculation regarding those observations.

The AirAsia flight that recently vanished, without a word, was being flown by Captain Iriyanto, a devout and active Muslim (and his co-pilot was a Muslim-French National).  The pilot of the Malaysian flight that vanished without a word was also a devout Muslim, as was his co-pilot.


Photo Source: Wodani files

Both were experienced flyers, and experts found it to be conceivable that they could have avoided the tragedies that befell them and the dead passengers under their care.  Experts found it inconceivable that communications simply went dark, and they simply lost touch with the flights and then had to search for the flights for an extended period of time before discovering the fateful ends of the AirAsia flight, and never discovering the wreckage of the Malaysia flight.

Was the disappearance of these flights, and the nose dive of the first flight into the ocean, and the disappearance of the second, just a tragedy, or do they have anything in common with the flights that nose dived into twin towers, a Pennsylvania field, and the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001?  When the first flight hit the World Trade Center we exclaimed, “What an awful accident!”  When the second plane hit, and we saw the images, we exclaimed, “This was done on purpose!”  When the first plane from the Indonesian region vanished under dubious circumstances, we cried out how unfortunate of an accident it was (well, some of us suspected foul play, in defiance to the politically correct narrative being pushed by the media).  Now that there has been a second flight that suddenly vanished, similar in circumstances, and similar in the membership to Islam in regards to the pilots, should we once again say it was a tragic accident?  Or should we come to the same conclusion we came to when the second plane hit the twin towers, and realize it was done on purpose?

I wonder how many passengers on those planes were non-Muslims?  How would the slaughter of those people differ in the mind of the terrorists participating in a suicide-bombing at a school in Israel, or shooting up a mall in the United States, or hijacking planes on 9/11, knowing that the consequences will be death?  The potential final result with the two flights were either to reach a destination so that the planes could be used later as missiles, or a dive into the ocean, both or which could be considered serving Allah, and likely a 72-virgin inspired suicide with the death of infidels on the hands of the perpetrator.

Both flights are believed to have sabotage involved.  Both flights veered off course dramatically.  And in both cases the change of direction enabled the planes to avoid detection, to avoid local military radar, and to avoid being stopped in their endeavor.  And how is it in this day and age we can lose contact, and eyes on, these flights without a little monkey-business being performed somewhere?  And if there was outside help, does that not reveal the potential of purposeful manipulation?  Are those not acts of terrorism?

In both cases it is believed that “deliberate action” may have been involved in the downing of the aircraft.  Yet, there was radio silence.  No calls for help.  No proclamation of emergency protocols.  No distress signal.

Either, neither experienced flyer knew there was a problem, or they caused the problem and wanted it to remain unknown until the task was done.

On top of all of that, experts say that based on data we know, the pilots in both flights had plenty of time to determine there was a problem, and report it.

Who needs a bomb on board a plane when the pilot himself is that bomb?

Both flights had their transponders manually turned off, veered off course, were piloted by experienced pilots that should have had the ability to avoid such disasters.  There were no distress calls, and the pilots were both followers of Muhammad from Indonesia (the country with the highest Muslim population in the world). . . . and we have the audacity to call them accidents?

The Malaysian flight was never found.  The AirAsia flight dove straight into the ocean.  Perhaps the Malaysian flight met the same fate, or it landed somewhere to be used as a missile on a later date, and the AirAsia flight hijacking was simply foiled, like Flight United 93 that wound up in a Pennsylvania field.

Accidents?  Or terrorism?

Are we so blinded by propaganda, lies by Muslim leaders, and political correctness perpetrated by the liberal left that we cannot recognize Islamic terrorism when it slaps us in the face?

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