Al-Qaeda threat grows in Yemen

Family Security Matters

Last September, President Obama told us that his strategy for taking down the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria would be similar to the one his administration had “successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”

Those are words the prez probably would like to have back, especially with regards to Yemen.

News reports indicate Yemen is falling apart; an insurgent group known as the Houthis (from the northern part of the country) this week stormed the capital, Sanaa.

While the Houthi rebels have not posed a direct threat to the United States so far (beyond concern for the security of our Sanaa embassy) the fall of the central Yemeni government – a key U.S. counterterror ally – would mean more running room for a group that does.

You see, Yemen is the home of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – also known as AQAP.

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