Federal Judge Orders AZ Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Citing an Illegal Law

Independent Sentinel

Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell made permanent an injunction he issued a month ago overturning a 2012 executive order issued by Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer which blocked young illegal immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses which can be used to obtain federal benefits.

Mr. Obama’s illegal law was used as a basis.


Governor Brewer has been fighting Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA decision of 2012 and other violations of immigration law with no success.

DACA has been a lure for more illegal immigration.

Currently, the Obama administration plans to eliminate the age cap and make their parents eligible. The administration also wants to extend work permits to three years instead of two.

As it is now, Border Patrol reports that illegal immigrants are lying about their age and about being eligible.

Immigration law isn’t broken – it’s not being followed.

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Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance Gets 19 Years at Ft. Levenworth because He defended his Troops against Islamic Jihadists

Freedom Outpost

First Lieutenant Clint Lorance never imagined that following the rule of engagement to save not only his life, but the lives of his fellow soldiers against Islamic enemies would result in him spending nearly two decades in prison. But it did.

Lorance, 30, had been trained to make split-second decisions and his training culminated in a real-life scenario in July 2012 when he and his squad were on a foot patrol in southern Afghanistan. He had just been made Platoon Leader after his predecessor had been severely wounded.

At that time, Lorance led his troops into a Taliban-infested territory, where their air support had indicated that there were enemy personnel were in the vicinity.

Jennifer Bucholtz reports what happened next.

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BOOM: What Do Charles Manson & Mohammed Have In Common?

Clash Daily

Muhammed farve. tegning : KW

I like to refer to Islam as equivalent to the Manson Family on a global scale. Just how accurate is that? Let’s take a look.



Ali Sina is a renowned ex-Muslim author, and founder of FaithFreedom.org. He writes,


“I see Muhammed as a psychopath and Allah was nothing but his own alter-ego. He invented this bugaboo deity to fool people and ride them. Allah is no god and even if he was, Muhammed did not receive any revelations from him. Muhammed was a deranged man. He concocted this whole lie to fool people. He was no different than Jim Jones, David Koresh or Charles Manson. Mohammed was a ruthless man – a false prophet. He made people hate each other. He divided them so he could conquer them.”

As for Charles Manson, his cult was ultimately oriented around “Helter Skelter” — Manson’s hallucinogenic-fueled vision of an apocalyptic race war, driven by messages he found in both the Beatles’ music and in the Biblical book of Revelation, in which blacks, and especially black Muslims, would ultimately kill off virtually all whites except for the Manson Family, who would then rise up from hiding to rule over the remaining black population. The Manson Family’s murder spree was intended to trigger “Helter Skelter.”

The only real difference I find between Manson and Mohammed is that the Manson Family was stopped in time, after their several early murders, and before Manson really got his movement going very widely, whereas Mohammed got his movement going much more widely(acting with minimum or non-aggression at first) before growing more powerful and really starting to rampage and murder people in order to terrorize, subjugate, and bring even more under Islam’s brutal reign by force.

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