Wussification From The White House On Down

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A collection of Liberal Hand-Wringers (LHW) directed from the White House and  extending down to the sewers of Chicago and many other cities now infects all  levels of the Democratic Party.  These LHW folks listen to the White House lies  and misdirections on every topic, then they pass them along as though they were  etchings on granite tablets.  This is tearing the fabric of American character  in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.  A few examples of this  phenomenon are in order.

Where to start?

How about Gun Control.

Joe Biden burnished his image among the anti-gun zealots with “shotgun  pronouncements” that were idiotic enough to make a sane person cringe.  Putting  a double-barrel 16-gauge gun in the hands of a 120-pound wife and Mom in a  stressful situation and then telling her to fire each barrel into the backyard  sky or through a closed door is an invitation for disaster.  Most weapons of  this class will be too heavy for a small lady to handle safely, and the kick  might well knock her over.  Still more problematic, those noises at the side  door she just blasted might be a pizza delivery guy or an intoxicated neighbor  fumbling at the wrong home.  But Democrats assume arrogantly that they know best  on all topics, especially when it makes them look “snarky” to their  Chablis-swilling, lift-pinky buddies.

Please, Joe, just shut up.  You’re a national embarrassment, and no help  whatsoever to either side of any issue.

Sadly, Obama himself is even worse.  He does not discuss firearms with Joe’s  zeal for detail.  Instead, he makes carefully-worded and completely empty  promises for citizen safety if only Congress will pass his legislative  proposals.  Obama’s use of Newtown parents of massacred children as stage  props makes his unsupportable promises all the more heinous.  Nothing proposed  in any gun control legislation will guarantee any child or teacher protection  from another shooter exactly like Newtown’s Adam Lanza.  In fact, more than  three months after Sandy Hook, NRA President Wayne LaPierre’s admonition to put  armed and trained guards in every school is still the only concrete measure to  provide real security.  Interestingly, while LHWs and various pundits have been  wailing over the prospect of more guns in schools, a few school districts are quietly  adopting Mr. LaPierre’s recommendation.  For their own personal protection,  law-abiding Americans should have the right to select whatever firearms and ammo  magazines work best for them, with virtually no government interference.  The  key words in that sentence are “law-abiding”.  They make all the difference.

What’s the underlying theme?  LHWs want someone else, someone competent, to “make it all better” while relieving them of any need to  take personal action.  But LaPierre’s prophetic words demand that someone take  personal responsibility: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a  good guy with a gun.”  In fact, to this point exactly, a proper government  should want a significant majority of Americans to be armed, trained  and ready to help defend the homeland at a moment’s notice.  This is exactly the “well regulated militia” envisioned by our 2nd Amendment.  LHWs don’t get it.

We have also seen articles describing how we are becoming wimps and  crybabies, folks who are generally unable to take care of themselves.  One  article by Sean Aland “Are  We A Nation of Crybabies?” questions the debate in Congress over the  propriety of the name “Redskins” for the DC football team.  What, they got  nothing else to do in Congress?  Mr. Aland’s article also notes the political  correctness flowing sanctimoniously around Sandra Fluke, public symbols of  Christianity, and satanic TV characters that look like Barack Obama.  None of  these compare favorably to the “fresh air” we enjoy from Allen West and Dr. Ben  Carson.  All of this beg the question, “Where’s the beef?”  They are issues  trumped up by thoroughly incompetent, wimpy, LHW fools with a political axe to  grind and nothing productive to do.  Perhaps worst of all, we could talk for  hours about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s nanny-state edicts on big drinks, trans-fats,  cigarettes, Styrofoam cups, and on and on.  But do we really need someone to  hold our hand as we cross the streets of our daily lives?  Are we that  incompetent?  Will we ever solve any problems without expecting more  from citizens?

Then there is this example of LHW idiocy from New Hampshire.  In the Windham  school district, the game of dodgeball has been redefined as “bullying” and “creating human targets”.  So they have banned  dodgeball.  Apparently there was only one school board member, Dennis  Senibaldi, who saw this ban in the proper light:  “We have rules that are set in  place to deal with bullying,” he said. “We don’t need to ban an entire round of  games just to enforce those rules.”  Duh!  Thanks, Dennis.

Those of us who played dodgeball as kids recall it as an exciting,  competitive game that enhanced one’s agility, reaction time, circumspection, and  physical fitness.  Bullying was kept out by the teacher or camp counselor who  simply accepted the responsibilities of a normal adult.  Again, LHWs want  someone else, someone competent, to absolve them of any personal  action.  Doggone it, grow up!  Take charge!  Do your job!

But there is no more fitting example of LHW wussification than the Keystone  XL pipeline.  The Canadians are our friends.  They are far more trustworthy  business partners than Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.  A Canadian company,  TransCanada, will invest their money to build the pipeline.  It will  either be routed south to serve us, or west to support sales to China.  Either  way, their oil will be produced, shipped and used somewhere.  Without  the Canadian oil, we will buy oil from Saudi Arabia.  So there is no difference  in the environmental impact of producing the oil, either way.  Right now, oil is  already being shipped south by rail.  And pipelines  already exist in this region.  The total cost of production is surely much  lower to pump it down from Canada than to ship it here from overseas on  supertankers.  Labor unions are desperate to see the tens of thousands of jobs  the XL project will bring, and towns along the pipeline route would be delighted  to have construction workers’ paychecks spent in hotels, stores and restaurants.

But no, Obama owes favors to his enviro-fanatic, tree-hugging, CO2-hating,  Hollywood-gushing, LHW supporters.  So he’s dragged his feet again and again… and again.  Until recently he could blame Nebraska’s governor Dane Heinemann for  dragging his feet to get the routing done to everyone’s satisfaction.   But now Obama gets to blame the State Department for the latest delay, as though  they don’t work for him.

Unfortunately we’ve had no real leadership on any energy projects of  strategic national importance throughout the Obama presidency.  This is  especially true for projects involving energy from fossil fuels.  Obama’s team  has spent billions on shaky green-energy companies with hardly two seconds of  analysis, especially when it benefits donors to his campaign.  But production of  oil, natural gas or coal?  No, they fall into the category of “kill them any way  you can”, especially if Obama can claim credit for doing something beneficial or  can blame someone else for doing something painful.  During WWII, how long did  we delay getting the Alaska-Canadian highway built?  All 1700 miles were  completed during March thru October of 1942.  How long did we delay the  Trans-Alaska Pipeline when it was so obviously needed?  After the 1973 OPEC oil  embargo, this 800 mile pipeline was built through arctic tundra in three years,  1974-1977.  Proper leadership got these mammoth projects done expeditiously, and  the country benefited greatly.  And here we are on the verge of America leading  a new world energy order: oil from sands, from shale and from fracking, natural  gas from fracking, and still a bazillion tons of coal available- if we can only find the political courage to develop them!

Traditional American values are being lost as incompetent, Liberal  Hand-Wringers look for someone else to take action.  Equally problematic, the  logic skills of these LHWs are as undeveloped as their values.  This means it is  almost impossible to explain to most Democrats why they are wrong on any given  issue without on-the-spot training in American history, civics, and logic.  But  these same LHWs have elected a Senate and a President who are no more competent  than the LHW voters, themselves.  Obama in particular was elected with no  resume, no life skills in the military or business, and apparently no history of  dirt ever getting under his fingernails.  He himself greatly prefers campaigning  and golfing to actually working- even though his job only requires a suit, a  tie, and shiny shoes.

God, please help us regain our traditional American “go get ‘em” spirit in  January of 2017.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/wussification-from-the-white-house-on-down/#ixzz2POQtHdls

4 thoughts on “Wussification From The White House On Down

  1. Excellent piece, frames the left perspective completely. And it reveals that for the XL pipeline, Obama would put his political ideology ahead of even his own special interests who support it. That makes them nothing more than political tyrants and thugs. (the Chicago Outfit running DC) God help us break those chains.

    • If we could only get the rest to see what he really is.

      • 1dragon where can I send you an article post that you msy want to put up for your subscribers it is from centraliowa912project@reagan .com

      • send a link in the comment section, I’ll get it.
        Make sure you copy and paste it.

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