BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta and Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi – The Missing Brown U Student

Gateway Pundit

THE BOSTON BOMBERS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED: Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta (in black hat) and Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi (in white hat) – The Missing Brown U Student. suspect 1 and 2

Neither one of the bombers is Caucasian as the media reported.

Sunil Tripathi went missing in March.

Mike Mulugeta is dead. (From Boston police scanners)

Sunil Tripathi is a fan of Che Guevara. sunil tripathi che

Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi is on the loose in Watertown.

Guess they weren’t right wingers, huh?

UPDATE: It looks like I was right… ODDS ARE Boston Bomber Is Either Islamic Extremist or Left-Wing Terrorist

Obama Is The Liar In The Gun Control Debate

Freedom Outpost

Barack Obama has stated many times that he would not go after anyone’s guns,  but this bill that failed in the Senate said something much different.  In  reality though, it really had no actual use since it would never had stopped a  mad man from obtaining a gun nor would it have stopped people like those in  Colorado, Arizona, or anywhere from doing what they did.  Most crime on the  streets is committed with guns that are obtained by the criminals from the very  same source they get their drugs from.

Obama made the following statement:

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