Are We Being Compromised by Barack Obama’s Murky Past?

American Thinker

Since  he first became a presidential candidate, President Obama must have spent  millions of dollars in legal expenses to combat dozens of so-called “birther”  challenges seeking the original documents pertaining to his birth.  As  president, he famously issued an electronic document on the White House website  in 2011; the document purported to be his long-form birth certificate, though it  is apparently a forgery.  In addition, he has taken great pains to hide the  paper trail of passport records, college transcripts, and other data — all of  which a prospective employer might require of a job applicant.

The  public’s right to know is but a minor consideration.  Our overriding  concern should be what unfriendly foreign intelligence adversaries, particularly  Russian, may have obtained on our president’s background.

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