Peek: Obama Skip-Tracer Al Hendershot Raided By FBI:

Obama Release Your Records

Al Hendershot posted the following on the ORYR Facebook wall a few days ago:

4 days ago the FBI took my computer and I got it back yesterday. They said that they were investigating the Exposed website, but I think that there was some more stuff that they were looking for because they said that I was not in any trouble for what I was reporting on for my blog… […]

Today Al released a statement and the FBI documentation:

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New Benghazi Whistleblowers Talked To By House Investigators

Freedom Outpost

Multiple new Benghazi whistleblowers are now privately speaking to House  Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigators regarding the attacks  that took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

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Obama/Soetoro LIED ay his temper tantrum anti-gun press conference-Here`s why/pass it on

Free Republic

After the ignominious defeat of Obama/Soetoro`s gun registry Bills in the Senate he took to the podium and claimed the opponents , NRA, lied when they stated the proposed legislation would create a national gun registry.

HE LIED, period, end of story flat out LIED.

The legislation ONLY denied the Department of Justice from creating a national registry thereby allowing any other Federal Department to indeed create one.

From the Volokh Conspiracy :

The Toomey-Manchin Amendment…

1. The provision which claims to outlaw national gun registration in fact authorizes a national gun registry.

2. The provision which is supposed to strengthen existing federal law protecting the interstate transportation of personal firearms in fact cripples that protection.

Let’s start with registration. Here’s the Machin-Toomey text.

(c) Prohibition of National Gun Registry.-Section 923 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: “(m) The Attorney General may not consolidate or centralize the records of the “(1) acquisition or disposition of firearms, or any portion thereof, maintained by “(A) a person with a valid, current license under this chapter; “(B) an unlicensed transferor under section 922(t); or “(2) possession or ownership of a firearm, maintained by any medical or health insurance entity.”.

The limit on creating a registry applies only to the Attorney General (and thus to entities under his direct control, such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives). By a straightforward application of inclusio unius exclusio alterius it is permissible for entities other than the Attorney General to create gun registries, using whatever information they can acquire from their own operations. For example, the Secretary of HHS may consolidate and centralize whatever firearms records are maintained by any medical or health insurance entity. The Secretary of the Army may consolidate and centralize records about personal guns owned by military personnel and their families.

The Attorney General may not create a registry from the records of “a person with a valid, current license under this chapter.” In other words, the AG may not harvest the records of persons who currently hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Thus, pursuant to inclusio unius, the AG may centralize and consolidate the records of FFLs who have retired from their business.

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Law Enforcement Disagrees with President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg

Law Enforcement Stands With NRA and America’s Gun Owners

View the complete survey by… Press Release:…

PoliceOne’s Gun Control Survey: 11 key lessons from officers’ perspectives…

First-Hand Report on Obama’s Columbia Milieu


Even after 4+ years of enduring his Fundamental Transformation of America, we have much to learn about Obama’s alarming background, thanks to an information blockade by the leftist media that put and keeps him in power. Someone who most likely would have known the budding young Lightworker at infamously radical Columbia University has stepped forward. Wayne Root was a class of 1983 pre-law and political science major, just like Obama.

Hold on — while at Columbia, Root never encountered or had even heard of Obama, whose college records have been kept secret. But he still has some interesting things to tell us:

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BUZZFEED: Alleged McConnell Bugger Visited White House

John Stanton

WASHINGTON — The head of a group accused of illegally taping private meetings  of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign visited the White House  days before the group’s twitter account began actively attacking the Kentucky  Republican, according to White House visitors logs.

White House logs and the twitter feed of Shawn Reilly, one of two men at the  heart of the McConnell wiretapping scandal, show he met with White House  officials on December 5, just days before his organization Progress Kentucky  began a messaging blitzkrieg against the Republican leader.

Reilly and Curtis Morrison are currently under investigation by the FBI for  illicitly taping a campaign conversation between McConnell and a handful of his  advisors. During the conversation McConnell and his aides discussed the  potential candidacy of actress Ashley Judd — including using her mental health  problems against her.

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We Don’t Seem To Have Learned Much From 9/11

Family Security Matters

As we pray for the victims of the attack in Boston, let us continue to pray  for those who were maimed and injured and have a long road to recovery ahead;  some may never fully recover.

Please also remember, this was not a “TRAGEDY.” It is incredibly insensitive  and irresponsible to call terrorist attacks “tragedies.” A tornado is a tragedy.  An earthquake is a tragedy.

This was an “ATROCITY.”

And yet as we arise the day after this latest attack, we have evidently  learned so little from the past.

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