FBI Releases Shocking List of States Where ISIS is Operating


Conservative Tribune

It wasn’t that long ago that the Obama administration was calling the so-called Islamic State group a “junior varsity” threat and pretending that they posed no risk to America.

However, shocking new information from the FBI reveals that not only is the terrorist organization a true threat, but their members may be closer that you think.

One report stated that American children as young as 15 have been recruited by the Islamic State group as possible terrorists within the United States.

That information came from a Federal Bureau of Investigation official named Michael Steinbach, who leads the FBI’s counter-terrorism division.

That development is chilling by itself. However, it gets worse.

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Terrorists Destroy the Ancient Jewish Tomb of Ezra in Iraq

ezras tomb

Gateway Pundit

The Tomb of Ezra is situated at Al Azair on the west bank of the Tigris River, about 60 miles to the north of Basra.

Iraqi terrorists have seized another ancient synagogue and have already destroyed most of it.
Ezra’s tomb in the Amara region was also destroyed and stripped of its Jewish identity.
Israel National News reported:

Terrorists in Iraq have seized a major synagogue and holy site in Amara, the Elder of Ziyon blog reported Wednesday – and have already destroyed much of it.

According to the Iraqi media site quoted by the blog, the synagogue will become the new southern headquarters of the terrorists, whose name and affiliation are unspecified. All roads to the synagogue have been blocked and journalists have been banned from reporting on the takeover.

The media site also added that Ezra’s tomb in the Amara area has also been stripped of its Jewish identity, and may possibly have been destroyed.

The move is yet another blow to Iraq’s Jewish community, which the blog notes is down to a mere ten Jews – despite 2,500 years of Jewish life which began with the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

While both reports decline to specify the name of the terror group, news of the demolition follows multiple reports that Islamic State (ISIS) has systemically destroyed multiple Jewish holy sites in Iraq.