FBI Releases Shocking List of States Where ISIS is Operating


Conservative Tribune

It wasn’t that long ago that the Obama administration was calling the so-called Islamic State group a “junior varsity” threat and pretending that they posed no risk to America.

However, shocking new information from the FBI reveals that not only is the terrorist organization a true threat, but their members may be closer that you think.

One report stated that American children as young as 15 have been recruited by the Islamic State group as possible terrorists within the United States.

That information came from a Federal Bureau of Investigation official named Michael Steinbach, who leads the FBI’s counter-terrorism division.

That development is chilling by itself. However, it gets worse.

Additional reports indicate that FBI Director James Comey himself admitted that the bureau is currently investigating cases of people with possible links to the Islamic State group in 49 states.

Yes, you read that right. There is evidence that the Islamic State group may have connections to individuals in every state except Alaska.

The evidence of those disturbing links can be seen in many cities throughout the country. According to Mad World News, pro-Islamic State group graffiti has been found in places ranging from California to New York.

That disturbing trend indicates that the terrorist organization may be operating like a gang within the country.

“This form of territorial marking should be taken as seriously as the threats ISIS makes. They are saying to us, ‘We are here. We have made a claim to your neighborhoods as a gang would claim a ghetto,’” the report stated.

One definition of the word Islam is “submission” — and it looks like supporters of radical groups like ISIS will not stop until every infidel has submitted to their will.

Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. It’s time to take this threat seriously.

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