Democrats – Party of Scandals and Murders


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So for the Liberals, Democrats and left-wingers how does it feel to realize that your Commander In Chief spent five years attempting to destroy the greatest Nation in the World.   Enjoy the few minutes of glory, because before 2014 comes to an end – your reputation will go down the tubes just like Barack Obama’s.

Do you really think that you will a free “get out of jail card” after Americans have suffered through the Fast and Furious gun runner, Benghazi, IRS, NSA and ObamaCare scandals?  Like any other crime in our USA, you may not be the one who committed the crime, but you’re darn sure an accomplice and Americans will not forget the suffering (mental and physical) that them through the last five years.

The Fast and Furious cover up is on the verge of boiling over – Obama and Holder’s request to dismiss a lawsuit for the hidden documents that Holder and the DOJ refused to share during Issa’s investigation and Obama’s Executive Order.  To Obama, Liberals, Democrats and Liberal News media this merely proves the old saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

By the way, the DOJ website confirms that Obama funded the Fast and Furious project with our stimulus money, Holder and Napolitano choreographed it. Back in April of 2009 Holder & Napolitano packed their jammies and suitcases and headed down to Mexico to share information about the gun runner operation.

In fact, four of your principal players toddled down to Mexico in April and March of 2009 to talk about the Fast and Furious gun runner operation.  All four knew about the operation and all four lied – in fact Holder and Napolitano committed perjury as they lied under oath denying any knowledge of the operation. So much for a transparent, honest Government – shame on you two of our agents murdered and hundreds of innocent Mexican men, women and children were murdered by our guns walking across the border.

Next is the Benghazi terrorist attack – we lost four very brave Americans in Benghazi due to your nonchalance and refusal to take care of business. You should have supported America and Americans, but you opted to lie, cheat and hide instead of prosecuting those responsible for the Benghazi massacre.  You’ve stonewalled us much too long!

Obama lied, Clinton lied, Panetta lied, Carney lied and the Liberal News Media joined the Obama team as usual and tried to cover up the ugly truth that the Commander-in-Chief was too busy getting some shut-eye so he could campaign in Las Vegas the next day to save our American’s lives.

What a motley sick bunch of people you’ve turned out to be – you are all snuggled up and comfy in our White House hoping Americans will forget that we’ve lost four of our brave sons due to your blatant lies and negligence.  America won’t forget and someday soon the truth will out…

Let’s talk a bit about the IRS and NSA – your Obama God is involved in these scandals up to his armpits and above.  Both of these scandals are still on the front burner and as said earlier you’re all accomplices to both of these scandals that have and are affecting our Nation and all Americans.  Democrats, you’re not a party anymore you’re nothing more than a political mafia.

Now it’s time to discuss the other scandal (Obama care) that very likely will be the reason more Americans will lose their lives.  Remember many of those with life threatening or terminal illnesses lost their insurer, the doctors, specialists and medical teams.  Some of these fellow Americans can’t even get insurance due to the glitches of the Obamacare website on the back-end.

Obamacare is the 2014 albatross that has harmed many Americans already and many more during this year will either be laid off or placed in part-time positions.  So much for caring about your Country!

How’s that for a dirty laundry list – do really think Americans trust you or believe anything you say?  The only ones that do are the ones that depend on a Government paycheck monthly, food stamps and a free ride better known as the “have nots.”

Your lousy strategy for 2014 stinks – you’re platform of income equality and poverty-stricken communities doesn’t hold water.  It’s only diversions that Obama and you have created trying to distract us and divide us.  But the scandals remain the worst in the history of our Country and no, you didn’t get a free “get out of jail” card. You’ve made the hit list of America’s Most Wanted.

You legacy to this Nation will be remembered as the party of scandals and murders – we won’t forget Fast and Furious gun runner operation, the Benghazi murders, IRS, NSA or Obamacare.

3 thoughts on “Democrats – Party of Scandals and Murders

  1. Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    Democrats – Party of Scandals and Murders

    My biggest fear is that due to apathy on the right side and undying liberal support along with ignorant voters on the left that DemocRAT’s will get somewhat of a pass.

  2. Democraps. you mis-spelled.

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