Exposing Obama’s Own Campaign Contributions As the Persecution of His Political Foes Heats Up


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If you thought that the bombshell news story of the IRS targeting Republican and conservative groups had tempered the Obama administration’s power grab and determination to destroy all who oppose it, you are sadly mistaken. The hounding of conservative groups and organizations continues, with sanction and support from the major news organizations.


The ongoing persecution of Republicans and conservatives mirrors the attacks by the fascists of Europe on their opponents in the 1930s. The latest attacks are against conservative authors and/or groups that share a philosophy based on individual rights.

Those who are intent on punishing Obama’s political adversaries have claimed another victim. Dinesh D’Souza is the latest target. D’Souza, of course, is a longtime conservative pundit. He is the author of a wildly successful bestseller that was critical of Obama; he also directed the 2012 film, “2016: Obama’s America.”

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Holder To Ban Religion In Terror Probes



PC: According to NBC News, the Justice Department will soon prohibit religious profiling in terror cases. The move, if true, would completely blind federal law enforcement to the threat from Islamic extremism.

Already, the department has forced the FBI to bleach references to “Islam” and “jihad” from its counterterrorism training materials. It’s also made it harder for agents to infiltrate radical mosques.

But Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly now wants to make it illegal for agents to even consider religion in their investigations.


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Barack Obama and his Hatred for the Constitution

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Barack Obama has done nearly all any good Marxist, Socialist, or Communist could do.  From his chief advisor Valerie Jarrett to his Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, to his Marxist leanings in college to his discipleship at the feet of Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama is a mixture of these ideologies.  This is really what the “sheeple” of the United States elected without really looking at who this man.  Now, many wish they had never voted for him.

Our intent is to show what the Declaration of Independence stated and why it was written.  Then, we’ll tie it to what Barack Obama has, and is currently doing.  We are sure that many people have read the Declaration of Independence, but then again, that is if one makes the assumption that people really care anymore about the Constitution or what it meant to our nation! Let us first look at why this document was written as explained in the second paragraph of this document.

President Barack Obama coming to Nashville

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President Barack Obama coming to Nashville Updated: Jan 25, 2014 Posted by Kayla Moore


President Barack Obama is coming to Nashville on Thursday to talk about jobs.

One of Obama’s advisors says they hope to work together with the public on this tour to find work and economic security for job seekers.

Music City is just one stop on the president’s tour across the country that will begin after his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Progressive Mike Huckabee Is Toast And The RINOs Are Full Of Crap



The attacks are now coming fast and furious from both sides of the Progressive aisle. You’ve got Schumer who wants the Feds to unleash the IRS on the TEA Party, followed by Cuomo and DeBlasio of New York wanting to chase conservatives out of the state. You’ve got a new blacklist in Hollywood, where conservatives are now the new communists and are being hunted down, outed and fired. You’ve got conservative movie producers being arrested for faux crimes, bloggers and journalists are being bugged and watched and you’ve got a President who obviously doesn’t give a flying you-know-what about the Constitution. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Nazi Germany out there, but it’s not the conservatives who are fostering fascism. It’s Progressives.

Now, you’ve got the likes of Mike Huckabee drawing parallels between the TEA Party and the Nazis. Making allusions to a fascistic trend that he should recognize because, after all, he’s projecting his own tendencies. The Progressives on the Right are screaming about the Progressives on the Left attacking the TEA Party, while using the words of a true conservative, Ted Cruz, to further their cause. Then they turn right around and attack the TEA Party. You guys must be on some really good drugs.

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The Polar Vortex

Socialism is not the Answer

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a “Polar Vortex”. They were called “Cold Fronts” and they actually happened because it was WINTER. You remember winter, snow, snow skiing, snowball fights, it was in all the papers. Remember Jack Frost, Frosty, Santa, thought so and what about the famous one from Bill Cosby on how when he was a kid he used to walk to school, in the snow, up hill, both ways and he was thankful.
Just remember, it gets cold on the winter and warm in the summer, it’s been that way for years and will continue to do so but that’s just my opinion. 1 Dragon