More Joint Military and Civilian Police Exercises – In Secret, No Press Allowed

The Free Patriot

In North Carolina’s Richland County, things are going to be a “little noisy,” according to Sheriff Leon Lott. On Monday and Tuesday deputies will be conducting a joint, secret exercise with unidentified units from Ft. Bragg.

Three locations have been identified as the focus of the secret operation. The exercises are expected to continue as late as midnight on both days.

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Generations of American Military & Their Families Were Poisoned Without Care at Fort McClellan

Freedom Outpost

He choked on his words as he described the helplessness and desperation. There was nothing he could do to help. His newborn son, born with unexplainable birth defects was fighting for his life, and the doctors could not explain the cause. Both of Wayne Haden‘s sons—born of parents with historically good health—would come into this world with unexplainable birth defects. Unfortunately, this is common for some of our military veterans.

Decades later, as Hayden struggles with cancer, unexplained skin rashes and immune system failures he thinks back to his Vietnam era training at Fort McClellan, a US Army Post adjacent to an Alabama town named Anniston. Fort McClellan served as home to a variety of Army training programs including the US Army Chemical Corps School.

From 1933 -1999, US Army personnel, working, training and living at Fort McClellan, were never told they were being exposed to major biochemical health threats. Hundreds of thousands of men and women trained in, bathed in, breathed and drank hazardous substances including ionizing radiation and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). So did the residents of the adjacent town, Anniston, Alabama.

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