Today’s Obama Fun Fact: Barack Obama’s Brother Malik Joins Hamas Terrorist Group


Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama and his brother Malik in the White House.

While Obama prepares for this sixth State of the Union Address his brother Malik hanging with Hamas terrorists. He was even pictured in a scarf reading “There is no Israel.” Shoebat Foundation reported:

While in Sanaa, Yemein in 2010, President Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama was at an event billed as the Orphans Development Fund (ODF) Conference. It’s quite the ironic title considering a group photo Malik is in that he has posted to his website. In the photo, he can be seen wearing a Hamas scarf (keffiyeh) that bears a well-known Palestinian slogan – ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’ It also includes a map of Palestine that says, ‘From the River to the Sea!’ In other words, Malik is saying, THERE IS NO ISRAEL.

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Congress Secretly Approves Taxpayer Funds to Arm Syrian Rebels


Freedom Outpost

It’s 3AM and I’m so angry I am literally shaking. Don’t expect any unbiased reporting on my part this morning.

Congress just made a move to officially arm Syrian Rebels, totally against the will of the American people, and I am furious. This cannot go without a response. I will not defend any of the pretty boy Tea Party heartthrobs who constantly promise that they have our backs. I will defend no one.

Our congress has reportedly “secretly” approved an arms package for “moderate” Syrian Rebels and the American people had better wake up now.

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Another Obama Success Story… Afghanistan to Release 37 Insurgents and American Killers

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Gateway Pundit

Afghani officials released 37 insurgents with “blood on their hands” including terrorists who murdered American soldiers and Navy SEALs. FOX News reported:

Afghani officials freed 37 insurgents and Taliban fighters with “blood on their hands” in what the Pentagon called a “major step backward” for the rule of law in the war torn nation.

The hardened fighters were among 88 prisoners who were being held by the U.S. and being transferred to the emerging Afghan criminal justice system. U.S. authorities said many had directly participated in attacks that wounded or killed scores of U.S. military personnel and Afghan citizens, yet were freed by the Afghan Review Board.

“The ARB is releasing back to society dangerous insurgents who have Afghan blood on their hands,” the United States Forces-Afghanistan said in a statement. “This extra-judicial release of detainees is a major step backward in further developing the rule of law in Afghanistan.”

Many of those freed were Taliban fighters who were connected by forensic evidence to specific IED attacks. Several were captured in possession of bomb materials and some even admitted taking part in attacks on coalition forces. At least two had been captured, freed and recaptured.

“These guys have all been caught, clearly engaged in activities designed to kill people,” said retired U.S. Army Lt. Col Tony Shaffer, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for Advanced Defense Studies. “There is zero justification for releasing them.”

Among the detainees freed over U.S. objections were:

Haji Abdullah, described as a “high-level foreign fighter facilitator” who helped mount the Aug. 16, 2012 attack that brought down a U.S. helicopter.Abdullah escorted Pakistani and Arab suicide bombers into the area to facilitate their attacks, and directed a cell of 10 fighters which carried out attacks ordered by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Mohammad Khan, a Taliban commander who coordinated suicide bomber missions, one of which killed a U.S. soldier and wounded four more.

Habibulla Abdul Hady, a Taliban fighter linked to multiple IED attacks in Kandahar.

Nek Mohammad, a bomb expert who transferred money to Al Qaeda before he was captured last May in possession of bomb making materials.

Akthar Mohammad, a suspected Taliban commander who planned and conducted numerous attacks on U.S. and Afghan forces.

“Khalil,” a Haqqani network operative and suspected member of a Taliban cell captured last July in Kandahar. In addition to testing positive for trace amounts of explosives, he failed a polygraph test that asked if he had been involved in attacks on coalition forces.

Nurullah, a suspected Taliban commander who carried out bomb and rocket attacks against coalition forces that killed at least one U.S. service member and injured four more.

Liberalism Embraces the Soul of the Soviet Union

Family Security Matters


American liberalism, like all such political philosophies that ultimately rely on coercion for policy implementation, has completed its historical journey from altruism to totalitarianism.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), like the Obama Administration, recommends that the Internal Revenue Service be used to suppress the activities of the Tea Party because its members engage in political speech with which he disagrees.

Schumer proves that it is not unintentional bureaucratic malpractice, but brute governmental force perpetrated by one political party against those holding alternative political beliefs in order to restrict free speech and impose its own ideology on the country.

Liberals, deeming themselves morally superior, have developed the capacity to ignore a record of consistent failure because they mistakenly equate intentions with results. For liberals, public policy becomes an extension of their own self-deception and intellectual dishonesty.

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