Why Bother?


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I did not watch the Golden Globes this year.  I did not watch the Grammys.  I am not sure if I will watch the State of the Union address.

Why bother?

A thin skinned amateur who has been in office six years and still can’t grasp how to do his job will stand before an even more thin skinned Parliament of Whores and tell them he does not need them, while knowing he really does need them, while none of them truly want to be with each other, and all have lawyers ready to go bow before the black robed masters who’ll sit stone faced at the front of room knowing they really rule the joint.

My only hope is that the Republicans grow a pair and start laughing uncontrollably when the President begins touting Obamacare, which you know he will do and which you know they will not.  Paging Steve Stockman — here’s your moment.

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Vandalism Forces Obama Plaque To Be Removed


Weasel Zippers

Oh well….

Via The Register Guard:

Keeping the peace is no easy task at Eugene’s Nobel Peace Park.

The 24 plaques at the park that feature the American Nobel laureates have attracted attention from visitors and vandals alike since it opened in Alton Baker Park last spring, and the plaque representing the nation’s most recent laureate, President Obama, has been a prime target.

“It got vandalized, I’d say, five, six, seven times,” said Roger Durant, the project’s development director, of the Obama plaque. Nearly “every two or three weeks, there was a new mark that we had to try to take off and rub out,” he added.

Many of these markings — including a racial slur — were easily cleaned off, said Durant, but last month he and his team were forced to remove Obama’s plaque after finding it carved with profanity.

“It’s kind of a slap in the face of the organization,” Durant said. “It’s taking donors’ money out of what it’s meant to be used for.”

After a meeting with Mayor Kitty Piercy Thursday afternoon, Durant said the replacement plaque will be housed in a prominent and secure place — likely in the Eugene Public Library — at least until the end of Obama’s presidency.

“It’s not the way I would prefer it” said Piercy, who called the vandalism “intolerable.”

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“Schindler’s List” Producer Gerald Molen: “I Never Feared My Government Until Now”

molen speaking

Gateway Pundit

Producer Gerald Molen producer of “2016: Obama’s America” Glacier Country Pachyderm Club in Kalispell, Montana. (Flathead Beacon)

“Schindler’s List” producer Gerald Molen told Newsmax this week the charges against Dinesh D’Souza, the producer of “2016: Obama’s America” were politically motivated. Molen also said he’s never feared the US government until today. Newsmax reported:

Gerald Molen, the director of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film “2016: Obama’s America,” says he never feared his government before he learned that D’Souza is under federal investigation for election fraud.

According to an indictment made public Thursday, D’Souza is accused of contributing $20,000 to a political campaign in 2012, even though the legal limit is $5,000. D’Souza allegedly promised to reimburse others if they would contribute to a candidate widely believed to be Wendy Long of New York. Long, a Republican, ran unsuccessfully against Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand in 2012 for New York’s U.S. Senate seat.

D’Souza’s lawyer has said his client “at worst” was guilty of an act of misguided friendship.

Some, including Molen, believe the indictment is political payback for D’Souza’s film, which was critical of President Barack Obama. Among other things, it raised questions about whether Obama had embraced the anti-colonial philosophy of his father and said his future actions could be predicted based on that philosophy.

“I’m a little bit taken aback by the whole thing because he’s such a great American,” Molen said of D’Souza on Newmax TV’s “Steve Malzberg Show.” The conservative writer and commentator understands the process in America and how it works, Molen said.

Molen, who also produced the Academy-award winning “Schindler’s List,” said he has not spoken to D’Souza since he learned of the indictment, and wouldn’t make comments about the specific case until he’s learned all the facts.

Still, he said he would not be surprised if the probe is politically motivated.

Asked by Malzberg if he ever felt threatened or had any feelings they should not have been making the film, Molen answered, “No. This is America. I’ve never had that feeling,” adding, “I’ve never had the occasion to think that I had to fear my government. I never had the thought that I had reason to think I had to look over my shoulder until now.”

But, he said, he wouldn’t be intimidated out of pursuing future projects.

If you like Obama’s executive orders, you are going to love 2014

American Thinker

The American system of government has as it’s chief executive, a president who is carefully checked by a watchful Congress and a consientious judiciary.

 Except, when it isn’t.

 Case in point: Our president plans to rule us – not govern us – by using the vast powers of his office and absolute control of the federal bureaucracy to ram his vision of hope and change down our throats. Done without the approval of Congress and with little challenge from the judiciary.

 Can he get away with it? Watch him:

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