Why are the President and Members of Congress Giving Aid and Comfort to Known Enemies of the United States?

Family Security Matters

This is a good question and one that no one in the media seems willing to  ask. Even Fox news seems ambivalent, rather skirting the issue in favor of  more…”compassionate” questions.

We have known for a long time that Al Qaida has been an integral influence  within the Syrian Rebel forces in much the same way they were, in Libya. If you  will recall, the very same DC voices played down the likely effect of Al Qaida’s  particular virulent influence on the people of Libya and look how well that  worked out.

Allegations of atrocities against non-combatants in Syria have been leveled  against rebel forces and the sitting government alike and none any more  horrifying than those committed against the Christian community in Homs and yet  John McCain, Lindsey Graham, this President and a legion of followers remained  silent about that. Only when it seemed plausible that Assad’s regime might be  complicit in bloody acts against the mainstream Muslim community there, have any  of these fine upstanding “servants” bothered to show concern.

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