Only in America!

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A Canadian’s Version of David Letterman’s “Top 10”. This is what other countries think of us, in this case Canada. Do we look like idiots or what?

10) Only in America…could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event.

9) Only in America…could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black while only 12% of the population is black.

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The Obamas Family Trip to Africa to Cost $60 to $100 Million

Fox Nation

Many details about foreign presidential trips are classified for national  security reasons, and there is little public information about overall costs. A  report from the Government Accountability Office found that Clinton’s 1998 trip  to six African nations cost the U.S. government at least $42.7 million. Most of  that was incurred by the military, which made 98 airlift missions to transport  personnel and vehicles, and set up temporary medical evacuation units in five  countries.

That figure did not include costs borne by the Secret Service, which were  considered classified.

Obama’s trip could cost the federal government $60 million to $100 million  based on the costs of similar African trips in recent years, according to one  person familiar with the journey, who was not authorized to speak for  attribution. The Secret Service planning document, which was provided to The  Post by a person who is concerned about the amount of resources necessary for  the trip, does not specify costs.

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Find the FEMA Camp Nearest You


The Daily Sheeple

The evidence that we the people, are at risk of being placed under martial law, and losing all of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution is overwhelming.

On October 17, 2006, President Bush signed into law, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act. The law allows the President to declare a “public emergency” at his own discretion, and place federal troops anywhere throughout the United States. Under this law, the President also now has the authority to federalize National Guard troops without the consent of Governors, in order to restore “public order.” The President can now deploy federal troops to U.S. cities, at will, which eliminates the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.

In short, President Obama can now declare Martial Law anytime he sees fit to do so.

An Excerpt from the John Warner Defense Authorization Act follows:

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Are We Going To Live By Secret NSA Rules Or As A Constitutional Republic?


Freedom Outpost

To hear the NSA tell it, their interception of phone calls and emails of 300  million people was done to protect the security of the United States; what they  did will prevent future 911′s and keep our utilities from being sabotaged.   In fact, NSA claims, this blanket surveillance frustrated a dozen terrorist  attacks.  But no details on that are available.  It’s secret.   National security.

The people of the United States have a choice: they can live by the rules  made up (secretly) by the NSA, or they can live in a Constitutional republic.

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Obama Implements Communist Goals By Discrediting The American Constitution


Freedom Outpost

Well America, here we are again one step closer to the ever approaching,  abysmal pit…. of tyranny. There were a lot of things reported today that likely  went completely unnoticed. The Santa Monica shooter for instance, it turns out he  was a Muslim and seven years ago he was actually investigated by California  police for having bomb making material in his apartment.  While we are being  told that we absolutely must be spied on to keep us safe from these kinds of  people, the mental disease of political correctness is actually letting them go  so they don’t have hurt feelings.  My question is why it has to be innocent  people who suffer from the delusions of men with an agenda? I wouldn’t refer to  that as “social justice” would you?

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Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers

Family Security Matters

Homeland Insecurity: The White House assures that  tracking  our every phone call and keystroke is to stop terrorists, and  yet it won’t  snoop in mosques, where the terrorists are.

That’s right, the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most  private  communications excludes the jihad factories where homegrown  terrorists are  radicalized.

Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No  more  surveillance or undercover string operations without high-level  approval from a  special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed  the Sensitive  Operations Review Committee.

Who makes up this body, and how do they decide requests? Nobody  knows; the  names of the chairman, members and staff are kept secret.

We do know the panel was set up under pressure from Islamist groups  who  complained about FBI stings at mosques. Just months before the  panel’s  formation, the Council on American-Islamic Relations teamed up  with the ACLU to  sue the FBI for allegedly violating the civil rights of  Muslims in Los Angeles  by hiring an undercover agent to infiltrate and  monitor mosques there.

Before mosques were excluded from the otherwise wide domestic spy net  the  administration has cast, the FBI launched dozens of successful  sting operations  against homegrown jihadists – inside mosques – and  disrupted dozens of plots  against the homeland.

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