Birthers Swarm Obama In Africa, “Welcome Home, Mr. President”…

Weasel Zippers

Don’t tell Tingles.

Via TPM:

During a visit to Goree Island, Senegal on Thursday, President Barack Obama crossed a rope line and mingled with a crowd of people who had gathered.

The crowd included several children who, according to a White House pool report, were donning white t-shirts with the caption: “Welcome home, Mr. President.”

12 thoughts on “Birthers Swarm Obama In Africa, “Welcome Home, Mr. President”…

  1. Maybe just maybe the Son of a Bitch will feel so welcome and stay there! Hope Springs Eternal! Now that gives me an idea! Perhaps if a million or two Americans met him at the Andrews Air Base with signs saying Go back you illegal Son of a Bitch he might get the message!

  2. Well, isn’t this VERY VERY interesting!!!

    • Wonder what he would say if this was reported on the MSM.

      • I have already been on several sites and found a couple of video(s) about his origination in Kenya. It was all over the news here in the U.S. and yet, he still got into office!!!
        This could have been stopped years ago BEFORE he ever ran for president! What happened? Who dropped the ball!?

        This was 2007, Michelle Obama Declares Him…”

  3. The information has ALWAYS been there! What the Hell Happened? Who ignored or deliberately allowed it to happen? NSA? CIA? FBI?

  4. WE STILL have people on the blogs swearing up and down he was born in Hawaii. I upload video(s) like these and they still proclaim him being born in Hawaii.
    I then upload the entire damn article from Hawaii: “You were not born here!”
    And, they still say we hate him because he is black!!!

  5. Eliwit, did you read the article that he had requested Exile in several countries and was turned down?

  6. The beginning of the end of the Obama Presidency has begun. The only questions that remain are:
    How will the charade play out before the American public and the rest of the world?
    How many will the cabal sacrifice to keep their agenda alive?
    Will an insider FINALLY come forward, turn Patriotic…and reveal all the secrets?
    When will it all begin?
    The most likely starting volley in this unfolding historic process could very well be the resignation of Vice President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

    Whether he uses a fabricated medical condition, or if they make more out of the “slaves and chains” comment he fumbled through the other day, the political machine has to come up with a very convincing reason for his exit. The White Hats believe the brain tumor story, which has come to the forefront again, would be a very good reason for the comments he has been making. Most of our counter parts in the international intel circles see the handwriting on the wall and say expect it this mid-week … and we are there … right now.

    What does this mean in the big picture?

    Obama is in serious trouble … on multiple fronts.

    First, he has purposefully interfered with the Global Settlements, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and in turn the Global Financial Reset effort. Through all of the stories of Obama’s rants, meltdowns and temper tantrums (see past WH articles for details), he has been rational enough to methodically interfere with the progress of the United States and the World with the Global Financial Reset. In the end, he has completed the work of the New World Order boys very well, but even the NWO boys are concerned as the Cabal is very aware that one of the standing dominoes just turned sideways. This could be the downfall of the cabal if they don’t grab control and formulate extreme measures to counteract the Obama situation.

    Continue Reading:

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