Where do We go from here?


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Many, but shamefully, not all, Americans are now aware of the many scandals and improprieties performed and embraced by our government. I’ve included a few links to related articles in case anyone wants to read up on any of these things.


  1. Fast & Furious: FBI agents sold American weapons to known criminals in Mexico with the expressed hope they would be used in America (via our non-existent border), thus serving as ammunition against the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. A positive side-note is the Open Borders which will enormously pad the Democrat voter lists. (i.e the Amnesty Bill currently in session) It worked! Obama’s agenda at work.
  2. Christopher-Stevens-body

  3. Benghazi: Four Americans murdered by our government as they failed repeated requests for additional security leading up to 9/11/12. While the 9 hr battle occurred, Obama was …undisclosed information…yet rescue forces were readily available, but SOMEONE gave a “Stand Down!”…

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