The Top 5 Reasons Obama Must Be Removed as Commander-in-Chief

American Thinker

Obama  recently signed a mysterious new law that proclaims all American soil is a  “battleground,” thereby allowing the president to indefinitely detain any  American citizen without charges.  Critics fear Obama will use his fun new  unconstitutional powers to make his political enemies disappear, but that may  not be necessary.

The  way things are going, most patriotic Americans will soon be six feet under,  felled by apoplectic strokes brought on by reading the latest outrage committed  by our “Commander in Chief.”  He may not have a limit to what he’ll  inflict; but our collective blood pressure may have a limit to what we can  bear.

With  each passing hour, the question becomes not if America can survive a second  term, but whether we can survive another day.  It’s not just the $15  trillion in debt, the Muslim Brotherhood in the catbird seat, and our bleeding  open border.  It’s the never-ending deliberate assaults against our safety  and security laughingly committed by the cold-eyed man with the nuclear  code.

Here  are the top 5 reasons Obama must be removed as Commander-in-Chief. Please read  them while seated.

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