New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows

American Thinker

Of  all the rumors flying around on the internet, one just refuses to die, and it  concerns America’s FEMA camps.


In  a nutshell, there seems to be a solicitation of bids occurring for the staffing  of FEMA camps within 72 hours of implementation by an order from either Homeland  Security or the president.  This situation begs to be investigated, with  special consideration paid to the motives of the present  administration.


I  went to the source, the,  and searched for the solicitation number HSFEHQ-10-R-0027, titled National  Responder Support Camp.

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The coming war inside America



As the attention of most Americans was captivated by the shiny object in Times Square this weekend like infants fixated on car keys dangled in front of them, Barack Hussein Obama signed into law  H.R. 1540, better known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Regardless of any concurrent executive signing statements that are mere window dressing and not legally binding, Obama and every member of congress who crafted and voted for this act has essentially declared war on American citizens on U.S. soil.

To quote Rush Limbaugh, “words mean things.” As a career investigator, I can assure you that words contained in local, state and federal laws most certainly mean things, and provide the legal authority for conduct sanctioned by national or state authorities without regard to any promised judicial or prosecutorial discretion that could be likened to the signing statement. The NDAA now codifies the most controversial aspects of the Patriot Act, which “candidate” Obama publicly opposed. What changed?

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Coming This Fall: Voter Fraud Such as America Has Never Seen


Anyone familiar with Obama’s background with the voter fraud outfit ACORN or the way Eric Holder has been exploiting the Justice Department to impose racial “payback” politics will be unsurprised to hear that groundwork is being laid for massive fraud in the 2012 elections. Preventing South Carolina from confirming the identity of voters provides an example of just how far our rulers will push the Audacity of Arrogance to stay in power:

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