Obama and his Syndicate:



First the good news.  Yesterday—26 January—I watched live feed of an extraordinary event.  The setting was a courtroom in Georgia and the presiding jurist was Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi.  The case centered around and on Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be placed on the Georgia ballot in the upcoming 2012 General Election(s).  During the hearing, 3 attorneys—Orly Taitz, Van Irion and J. Mark Hatfield—presented their witnesses and individual ineligibility cases brought against Mr. Obama.  Neither Obama nor his attorney Michael Jablonski were in attendance—both having opted to avoid and skip the proceedings altogether—and none of the court’s required production of Obama’s eligibility was provided.

Note: Jablonski seems to be perpetuating the long-standing myth that his client is above the law and now—by association—he appears to be operating under the delusion that he is, also.  This brings up the interesting possibility of Atty. Jablonski—having provided no apparent legal reason for his non-attendance—being subject to revocation of his license to practice law in the State of Georgia.  But, that’s a discussion for another time.

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