Who Represents the People?

Socialism is not the Answer

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During the last Presidental election, John( McRino) McCain stated we could noy use Obama’s middle name when talking about him. Why? Because it was Muslim name and he didn’t want to offend any Muslims? When Obama was sworn into office, it was okay to use his middle name. What changed? It doesn’t matter, no really, because Republicans have no backbone.

Obama has walked all over the Constitution even before he took over. If any Republican had done this, Democrats would have blown a fuse and would have started impeaching him and wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Hell, Nixon resigned before he was impeached and he did not do anything near to what Obama has done.

Republicans have no backbone and are no better then the Liberal Democrats. So who represents the People? Obama signed NDAA into law which basically declared war on the American People and both Houses of Congress passed  it before it went there. So again, who represents the People? And why the hell are we paying them for screwing us over?

Three Reasons Military Families Should Never Vote Democrat

Misfit Politics

The American Military is the most amazing fighting force the world has ever seen. The people of the United States take great pride in supporting their troops during war and in peace. Sadly, many politicians do not share the people’s desire to support their troops, especially liberal Democrats. The following are 3 reasons why veterans or any who claim to support our troops should never vote Democrat.

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