Oregon: School Says Christmas Holiday Tree Must be Decorated With Muslim and Jewish Symbols…

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And the absurdity hits a new low…

Ashland public schools can display a decorated pine tree if it is surrounded by symbols from other religious holidays, but they should not display a Christmas tree alone, in order to remain religiously neutral, Superintendent Juli Di Chiro told the School Board Monday.

District officials have implemented new holiday guidelines this year, after a controversy erupted at Bellview Elementary School last December over Principal Michelle Zundel’s removal of a holiday tree, because a family complained that it was a religious symbol. After dozens of parents and students protested the decision, Zundel replaced the tree, adding other winter decorations and allowing students to decorate the tree with symbols from their own religions.

“Something that was problematic was, we didn’t have any written guidelines for teachers and schools to use,” Di Chiro told the board.

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What If Obamacare Required Everyone To Buy A Gun?

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That’s the question Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli asked on CBS’ Washington Unplugged today (via Andrew Malcolm):

Never before in our history has the federal government ordered Americans to buy a product under the guise of regulating commerce. Imagine if this bill were that in order to protect our communities and homeland security, every American had to buy a gun. Can you imagine the reaction across the country to that?

The liberal left would recoil in horror, and even gun-toting conservatives such as myself would be opposed too, and for good reason. We shouldn’t be forced to buy something just because the government says so.

And yet, that’s the very power the Obama administration is claiming when they say they have the authority to force us to buy health insurance. It’s not just extra-constitutional, it’s wrong.


Terrorists: Just the Tip of the Jihadi Iceberg

Pajamas Media

Counter terrorism officials in the United States, and the West in general, have not yet understood that there is a political, non-combatant wing of the global Salafi-jihad movement. It acts as an international production line, routinely manufacturing thousands of Muslims with a Salafi religious orientation, a Salafi worldview, and the belief that they are part of an international movement designed to reform the world community of Muslims, bringing them back to what they consider “true” Islam, and bringing Islam back to global leadership.

While the majority of the members of this movement do not commit acts of violence, they totally support the combatant wing of the movement. They make their own contributions to its success by proselytizing, preaching, and fundraising; forming new front organizations; and creating centers of jihad support in schools, mosques, and Islamic centers.

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Obama’s Newest Advisor: Jon Bon Jovi

In April 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, a measure that expands the national service programs administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service. According to NationalService.org, the law focuses on national issues and seeks to expand opportunities for community service by “building the capacity of individuals, nonprofits and communities; and by encouraging innovative approaches to solving problems.”

In addition, the statute created a new 25-member White House Council for Community Solutions to advise the president on “the best ways to mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and government to work more effectively together to solve specific community needs.”

President Obama has reportedly tapped rocker and loyal Democratic Party supporter Jon Bon Jovi to serve on the presidential advisory council, along with eBay CEO John Donahoe, Starbucks Vice President Paula Boggs and Rockefeller Foundation President Judith Rodin.

The Washington Post reports:

Bon Jovi performed at Obama‘s inaugural concert and promoted the Obama administration’s United We Serve initiative during his recent world tour.

But, on a serious note, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation has partnered with public and private organizations to help combat homelessness. The efforts have yielded more than 260 units of affordable housing for low income individuals and families, according to his spokeswoman.

Obama has tapped several other celebrities to serve on presidential commissions and councils. Yo-Yo Ma and Sarah Jessica Parker are on the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, for example.